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  1. Thanks, Peregrina, for you encouragement! Seeing the penguins is one of the main reasons we booked this cruise. How long was the bouncy part of the ride Volunteer Point?
  2. This risk-free voucher is for the amount you paid for the cruise, not the 125% voucher.
  3. I read about someone taking that helicopter ride and it sounds interesting. But then I wondered about the possibility that high winds would ground that trip but not the Patrick Watts one. Decisions, decisions.
  4. Great high school, so I hear! We retired to Anderson to live on Lake Hartwell in 2008 from the Atlanta area (Decatur). So far, no major back problems; fingers crossed it stays that way for a while longer.
  5. Our Viking Alaska cruise scheduled for June 8, 2021 was canceled yesterday and we were offered a 125% Future Cruise Voucher. However, unlike the FCV we received when our 2020 Mediterranean Odyssey was canceled, the current one must be used by the end of 2022 ( so we lose 3+ months for scheduling). We have a different cruise booked for Jan. 4, 2023 that we had hoped to apply the FCV toward. I have been looking at future cruises scheduled from now until the end of 2022, and there are no vacancies in staterooms that we're interested in. Dang!
  6. Thank you, amyr, for your comments. I hope we can do the tour to Volunteer Point with Patrick Watts, although we're a bit worried about that super bouncy long drive. We're both in our mid-70's and will be 2 years older by the time this cruise comes around!! But we're looking forward to it!
  7. As expected, our Alaska cruise scheduled for June 8-18, 2021 was canceled today and Viking is offering a refund or a 125% future cruise voucher. The unexpected part is that the voucher must be used for a cruise in 2021 or 2022. We recently booked a South America and Chilean Fjords cruise for January 2023. We want to do this cruise in Jan. or Feb., but 2022 seems premature for South America, considering their problems with Covid. Darn!
  8. Thank you, SM77, I just finished reading your awesome cruise review and your posts were very, very helpful and informative. I made pages of notes and plan to refer to them often while planning this most interesting cruise.
  9. Yes, that helps a lot in putting my concerns to rest--thank you!
  10. Did you mean 6023?? If so, that's great news that you had no problems with noise (I'm a very light sleeper). Really looking forward to this cruise--everyone seems to love it!
  11. We are going from Buenos Aires to Santiago, and that's why we chose the starboard side cabin. Based on a copy of the Deck Plans, it looks like we're under a men's and women's restroom (surely those guys wouldn't be too noisy, right???. That's good news about what's in the lanai at that point.
  12. We have this cabin, 6023 reserved for 2 upcoming cruises: Med Odyssey, May 13-25, 2022; and South America and Chilean Fjords, January 4-23, 2023. I noticed that this cabin often is the only PS3 available on the starboard side (our preference for these 2 cruises), and I started worrying that there may be something about its location that makes it less than desirable. It is under the lanai and restrooms on deck 7. Would appreciate any information about it! Thanks!
  13. Many thanks for all of your helpful posts! It's amazing how fast cruises are filling up now, even those 2 years away! We are now looking at a January 4, 2023 departure date from Buenos Aires.
  14. Trying to decide what to schedule next for VO cruising and would appreciate any information about the South America and Chilean Fjords cruise. What month would be the best time weather-wise to cruise there? Which direction is preferable (Buenos Aires to Santiago or vice versa)? What were your favorite aspects of the cruise? We've been on 4 VO cruises to date and never had so many sea days before (3 of the 8 are listed as scenic, so that helps). Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
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