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  1. Thank you, Viking, that is wonderful news!! I won't have to set my alarm for 3:00 a.m. any more!! Woo hoo!!!
  2. For our first two Viking Ocean cruises, we booked DV1 or 2 cabins, but we decided to splurge a wee bit on a PV3 for our third cruise and were very glad we did! The additional space was very nice and the closet was in the hall across from the bathroom instead of by the bed (which was a big problem when both of us needed to get stuff out of it). All three of these were on Deck 5, which we like. We don't mind walking anywhere on ship and don't consider that when choosing cabin location. As far as booking tours, we didn't have problems getting what we wanted with either DV or PV (of course, OCD me got up at 3:00 am Eastern time to make the reservations/pay for optionals)
  3. This is very disappointing--we had high hopes for the planetarium. We cruise on the Jupiter in mid-July and hope they can make some major improvements by then! Thanks for the information
  4. If it won't break the bank, we highly recommend getting a PV cabin. The extra space is wonderful and the closet is over across from the bathroom and NOT next to the bed.
  5. When choosing which direction to go on a cruise, we always look at possible flights into and out of each of the end points, Bergen is one of the worst to fly out of, so if at all possible, we choose Bergen as our starting point and another city as the end.
  6. We can thank MJAdventures for sharing that list--it's a tremendous help in planning what cabins to book. (I love this group of folks helping folks!!)
  7. Here's a link to the list of PV cabins with sliding doors. And no, it doesn't look like the same numbers on different floors have the same arrangement. Viking PV slider rooms.pdf
  8. Our first 2 VO cruises we were in DV rooms. We upgraded for our last cruise to a PV2 and as luck would have it, we ended up with a room with a fixed door and our traveling companions next door had a slider. The vote was unanimous among the four of us in favor of the slider! On days with even a little bit of wind, opening that dang door to go out on the balcony was very difficult. And with the door opening outward, that restricted how you arranged your table and chairs somewhat on the balcony. Our next cruise (BI in July) is also a fixed door (we couldn't change cabins) but we made sure our 2020 Med Odyssey has a slider!!
  9. We did the Homelands cruise 2 years ago and also took a canal boat cruise at Nyhaven (thank you, Rick Steves). The shuttle stop that Viking used was only a 5-10 minute walk to Nyhaven. The canal boat ride was one of our favorite activities on that cruise! You'll love it!
  10. Thank you Jim and Heidi. I contacted Blackberry cars and Smith. Blackberry's cost is 50 GBP and Smith's is 120. I was really surprised at the difference. I'll contact Addison too.
  11. Oh, Jim what car company did you hire? Did you like them?
  12. Thank you, Jim, for clarifying that for me. I've read different things about the disembarkation procedure at Greenwich, and we definitely don't want to miss our connection with the car driver.
  13. (Not sure how I posted 2 with this title! eek!) We are on the British Isles cruise in July, ending in Greenwich. We are hiring a private car to get us to Heathrow Airport, but where do you meet your driver? From what I've read, there is no terminal at Greenwich, just a floating pier.
  14. Many thanks for all the encouraging words about deck 6 cabins!! After reading the Cabin Guide as to which rooms to avoid, this has been helpful.
  15. We just placed a deposit on the Mediterranean Odyssey cruise for September 9-20, 2020. Viking cruises are filling up faster and faster! We booked PV1 cabin 6015, because it seemed the best choice of the limited possibilities. We've stayed on deck 5 for our previous 3 cruises and liked the location a lot. I was leery of Deck 6 because of the possibility of overhead noise being under deck 7 and the various dining places. 6015 is directly under the Owner's Suite and seemed like it might be the quietest choice on deck 6. I think it will be interesting to be one deck higher than we have been and this one was not listed in the Cabin Guide as a "do not choose this cabin." Would appreciate any information from anyone who has cruised in this cabin regarding noise. Thanks!
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