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  1. Uh oh, I must apologize for posting some mis-information. I've been corrected, and I want to say what the situation really is. We actually hope that Viking cancels the September 2020 Med. Odyssey cruise that we're booked on, so that we may get the 25% bonus voucher they've been offering. So, we're delaying actually canceling the cruise and are waiting for a while. As you may know, Viking posts a Cancel Date schedule for each cruise and the longer you wait to cancel, the higher the penalty it costs you--in that you forfeit a given amount from the refund. The good part is that for now, Viking will let you use that penalty amount as a voucher toward a currently booked cruise or a brand new booking (and refund the remaining amount). So, we've looked at the price of the Alaska cruise we have already booked for June 2021, and will wait until the date arrives that our penalty does not exceed that amount. That date is about 1 month before the Med Odyssey is scheduled to embark. So sorry I didn't explain this correctly to begin with. It's a bit difficult to explain, but I hope this makes more sense
  2. We were told 3 days ago that if we cancelled our September 2020 cruise, we could apply the voucher to our cruise to Alaska that is already booked for June 202. The Alaska cruise is cheaper than the Med. one, and we would get a refund for the difference.
  3. We hope to do the VO Mediterranean Odyssey cruise in 2021 or 2022 and are wondering when would be the best time to be in that area. Looking at September or October (or spring if that would be better). September looks rather warm and October may have more rain. What month would you recommend? Thanks!
  4. Definitely email Viking! But I think the address is Tellus@vikingcruises.com
  5. Thank you for this information. Lucca is sounding better and better!!!
  6. We've been to Pisa and Florence and were wondering about an optional Viking tour to Lucca. Would appreciate any information about it from folks who've been there. Our stop at Livorno is on a Sunday (not sure if that affects any sights). Thanks!
  7. I wrote a review of this cruise on July 21, 2019, "on Viking Jupiter now for British Isles Cruise". Check it out for info. The smaller ports in Scotland were terrific and full of interesting history.
  8. No AC on the train. Fortunately it was not hot when we were there,
  9. Our tour included walking along part of the wall but not the Memorial and Documentation Center. We visited the Allied Museum. If you have questions about what an optional tour includes, write to "tellus@vikingcruises.com" and ask them. They are wonderful and respond very quickly.
  10. Thanks for posting all this info--especially the website for ISP
  11. FYI the best seats are the 2 in the very last row. There's a lot of neck bending backwards since the show is projected on the ceiling. Get there early to get the good seats. We saw 2 shows on the Jupiter in July (British Isles cruise) and they were good, but not awesome.
  12. It's only money, right?? lol The grandkids don't need a big inheritance!
  13. After doing 2 cruises in DV1 and DV2, we splurged and upgraded to a PV and loved the extra space and especially the different location of the closet (across from bathroom instead of alongside the bed). We now only book the PV. We like deck 5 because the view seems a bit better being higher up, and it's very quiet. But it's totally a personal decision.
  14. Thank you very much for that information!! That's great!
  15. Thank you, Dogs4fun, for clarifying that for me. Our cruise is next September 9-21, so it won't be very cool then. But I'm delighted to read that audioguides in English are available, because I read many positive comments on Cruise Critic about the museum.
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