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  1. Yeah this card is pointless after you get the initial bonus. Best thing you can do is double up. Use the Wells Fargo Propel AMEX and get 3% on Travel , Gas , and dining purchases. Then use the Citi 2% on everything else.
  2. Take Uber or Lift, taxis are a thing of the past. And they come directly to where you are, no reason to try a find a cab.
  3. 3 ports on a seven day cruise, Just trying to keep you aboard to spend that dolla bill. Taking a page out of Royals book.
  4. Nothing exciting about these itineraries, the one time 8 day cruise isnt bad but its a one off thing. I was excited now im very Meh about this ship.
  5. I dont even see the boat listed on the ships page of the website. How are yall seeing the schedules? Can someone link it to me. I can find the ships page if i google it but it doesnt list her under the ships when searching for a cruise.
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