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  1. bimmer012850

    Sailing out of Bridgetown on Feb 16, 2018 - Star Clipper

    Thanks Elkemi, You are right about Bequia -we've been there last Winter on our Windstar cruise, which also sailed out of Bridgetown.
  2. bimmer012850

    Sailing out of Bridgetown on Feb 16, 2018 - Star Clipper

    Sorry - meant Feb 16, 2019.:o:o:o:o
  3. This will be our first experience on the Star Clipper. We've been on Windsurf (sister ship to Star Clipper) 3 times and loved the experience. Have heard only good things about the Clipper ships. Will now be able to compare the experience. Absolutely love the intimate ambience compared to the much larger Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, etc. Anybody else going to be on this sailing?
  4. bimmer012850

    Back from Wind Surf Dec. 16-23

    On which night did they have the deck BBQ - which island ?
  5. bimmer012850

    Gay Couple on Windsurf December 2017

    We are on the same itinerary leaving on the 13th. At which ports did you have the Deck BBQ on both weeks? That is really a highlight of these cruises. Was the Beach BBQ held on St. Lucia on both ends of your B2B? Really looking forward to being on Windsurf again.
  6. bimmer012850

    Windstar call on Anse Mitan

    We are on the same B2B leaving on Jan 13 from Bridgetown. Assume you were also on that itinerary on Windsurf. Stopping in Anse Mitan on the 14th and 25th. What did you end up doing there, if you can provide any recommendations.
  7. bimmer012850

    Does early booking get the best pricing with W-S?

    We are yacht club members, having sailed Windstar before. Have never received an e-mail from John Delaney re 'friends and family' fares. Is that because we book thru a travel agent? But Windstar has our information. What gives?
  8. bimmer012850

    san juan-virgin islands

    I am curious about this as well, as we are on this itinerary Feb 18th.
  9. bimmer012850

    Windsurf problems getting to St. Barts?

    I see that you were on the Windsurf back in 2001. That was the last time we were on Windsurf - it was the Feb 18th Barbados itinerary. Is that the same one you were on? We have not sailed on Windstar since then. Really looking forward to the sailing ship experience again.
  10. bimmer012850

    Windsurf problems getting to St. Barts?

    The reason Windsurf was a day early to Philipsburg was exactly because they skipped St. Barths - presumably because of bad weather in St. Barths. Don't know more than that, although the same thing happened on one of the December cruises. Will have to see if she leaves on time later tonite.
  11. From what I have read recently, it appears that, for whatever reasons, the Windsurf has not been stopping in St. Barts on cruises where that port is part of the itinerary. No one seems to know why and I have seen cc comments about the seas being too rough (for lack of a better explanation). The Jan 7th 7 night cruise came back to St. Maarten a day early and I believe that happened on one of the December trips as well (except at the front end of the cruise as they seem to flip the order of the ports every other trip). Does anyone have any thoughts / comments?
  12. bimmer012850

    Wind Surf Late is SXM

    I saw the arrival in St. Maarten this morning as well. However, unless I've missed something, they were supposed to be in St. Barths today and not due to arrive into Philipsburg until 6 AM tomorrow morning - the 14th. So what happened to the stop in St. Barths?
  13. bimmer012850

    XPedition to Galapalos 7 Days + Machu Picchu

    Thanks for this information. Really appreciate it. Do you remember the name of the hotel in Aquas Calientes? Not sure if this site permits any of that kind of information - apologize in advance if I'm breaking any rules.
  14. bimmer012850

    XPedition to Galapalos 7 Days + Machu Picchu

    Looked at the site above. The one thing I noticed about the Celebrity itinerary is that you spend less than a day where you are actually in MP. Is that really enough? Did you spend more than a day when you did it? I see that we take the Vistadome from the Tamba del Inca hotel train station, have lunch at the Sanctuary Lodge in MP and after some time exploring, head back to Cuzco on the Orient Express. We have 1 1/2 years to research and plan so I really want to do my homework. I don't think we'll be back to this part of the world so want to get it right! No do-overs. Really appreciate any advice you are able to give, seeing that you have done it. If you prefer to do it by e-mail, my address is botarasales@rogers.com
  15. bimmer012850

    Celebrity Xpedition Inner Loop Galapagos 8/2-8/9/15

    We are booked for Nov 2017 and would be very interested in your thoughts, especially about the post cruise Machu Piccu portion.