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  1. Amazing how you can know his internal thoughts and reasons for leaving from an article that is completely devoid of any mention of reasons for his departure.
  2. The science has shown that this virus is easily spread via airborne transmission. That is why the CDC and other health organizations have recommended social distancing from people who are not part of your immediate household, and in cases where you can't socially distance, wearing a mask. If anyone is coming to my house and I do not have a high level of comfort as to their exposure, I ask them to wear a mask or we sit outside where we can distance.
  3. I just received the gift card refund for the excursion I had purchased for our April 4th cruise that was cancelled. Took 4 months from the time it was cancelled to receive it, but I am glad that I finally did.
  4. Yes, it will be safe again. The uncertainty sucks, but with time things will improve and we will be able to resume many of the activities we enjoyed before COVID hit.
  5. People flat out refusing to wear them isn’t taking a little time to get used to it, it’s pure selfishness. People aren’t stepping up to the plate to do what’s right for the common good.
  6. Uh, how exactly does the CLIA supporting a pause of cruising until September 15 not affect Carnival who has only suspended cruising until August 1? My calendar shows that September is after August, so it would absolutely impact Carnival.
  7. CLIA just announced they are supporting an extension of the pause in cruising until September 15th, so it appears that they won't be resuming in August.
  8. It is also just speculation that cruises will resume in August. Sure, that is what they are aiming to do, but until the CDC gives them the green light to sail, nothing is going to happen. The fact that Expedia has cruises listed for August is far from proof that sailing will resume at that time.
  9. cancelled ours in mid march, no refunds for the $300 in gift cards we used towards excursions yet. From what I understand, they will mail new gift cards.
  10. You would be correct. Ours in April was cancelled and I was really looking forward to it, but I don't anticipate I will cruise again until there is some significant advancements beyond masks and hand-washing in limiting the spread.
  11. In my personal opinion, it seems like this is too little too late for detection of a possible COVID positive person. I would be seriously concerned with the possible exposure of many others in the terminal at the same time as someone who had a high fever and could be COVID positive.
  12. Until they can show that they can sail safely I won't consider booking a new cruise with any cruiseline. I have my doubts that they will be sailing in August.
  13. I’ll believe it when the first ship leaves the dock. Until then I remain skeptical of any date Carnival tosses out there.
  14. Everyone who has requested a refund is experiencing the same thing. Scroll through the boards and you will see a variety of theories on why it is taking so long,
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