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  1. Hey all - sorry if this has been posted already. I did a search and nothing came up. We're leaving on the Seaside this Saturday (so excited!) and just have a question about the Venchi chocolate bar: are the drinks included if you have the Premium drink package (up to $12)? Are there any drinks that are priced over that amount at that bar, which would then exclude them from the package? Also, are all the chocolate treats a la carte, or are any included in the fare? Thanks in advance!
  2. Also leaving for Miami on Friday to board the MSC on Saturday - fingers crossed no issues!! Looks to be a rainy/wet week this week in Miami. Hopefully us northerners bring some sunshine to the state! Thank you for the continued updates.
  3. Thanks DCGuy - we are also in the Aurea experience, and super excited about it. Don't want to rush the summer away buttttttttttt can't wait for October haha
  4. Hi All! My SO and I are leaving for our first MSC cruise on the Seaside on October 12th - so exciting! Our departure from Miami is scheduled for 5p, and our allotted check-in time is noon. How strict is MSC when it comes to boarding during the allotted check-in time? If we wanted to board earlier, could we do so? If so, what's the earliest we could board? Sorry for all of the questions! As a seasoned NCL cruiser, their check-in time was used as a gauge but they weren't strict with it at all. We basically were able to get to the port as early as 9:30am and be among the first passengers to board (usually we were on the ship anywhere between 10:30a/11:30a). We are hoping that we can do the same with MSC, as we always love starting the vacation as early as possible! 🙂 So excited to try out MSC and be on board the beautiful Seaside. Thanks in advance for your answers!
  5. Not worried in the slightest - whatever it is, it is. My point was in relation to the bundle with airfare working out in our favor price-wise. Being hopeful and worrying are two different things.
  6. Following! I'm interested to know this as well, since we will be sailing on Seaside in October.
  7. I agree. We booked a Spa balcony for a 9 day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Breakaway with free airfare and all offers for less than $4k total. Granted, that was after the latitudes 20% off offer, but even so - to add on flights in May from NY to MIA could get expensive. I think we made out great with the offer, even before the 20% off. Granted, our cruise isn't until 2021, so hopefully our flight times/seats will be okay. If not, we can always pay for an upgrade if we can and deal with the times (maybe spend more time in Miami, since every time we're there it's usually just for the night before the cruise). Still ends up cheaper than buying the flight right out.
  8. Incorrect information (unless, of course, you're beyond final payment as Turtle stated). I booked my May 2021 cruise July 3rd, and had it adjusted July 22nd.
  9. I can also confirm that my original rate was not inflated. This is a real sale. Even my airfare was still "free" and didn't change to discounted.
  10. Yep! I had mine booked a few weeks ago (for May 2021), and they simply added the discount code and sent me an updated invoice. It took less than 10 minutes. Same cabin and all amenities as well. I don't even think they had to do a cancel/rebook.
  11. WOW, thank you OP!!!!! I must have missed the email that went out, but I called and got my May 2021 Southern Caribbean cruise adjusted and saved over $800!!
  12. Yep, they'll be returned to you - it's not immediate, though. They usually end up back in your account in 48 - 72 hours.
  13. I second this. I was roughly ~2k points away from 60k points for a double-meta upgrade, and rather than waiting to (slowly) get the additional points by regular charges, I made a partial payment to NCL for our May 2020 Greece Isles (and honeymoon!) cruise and once the statement closed, I was able to use the points for the double-meta upgrade. I 100% suggest doing your upgrade as early as you can in the future. If you're unlucky with the above recommendations, maybe bank your points until you get to 60k for the double-meta upgrade (keeping in mind the expiration schedule, though). Good luck!
  14. Following, as this will be (very similar to) our honeymoon cruise in May 2020! We as well will be doing the Getaway with a slightly different itinerary. Can't wait - loving your review!
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