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  1. Does anyone know if they show the same movies in the theater/lounge on ships that do not have the "Dive In" outdoor screen?
  2. Here is the QM, there is an open aft deck that gets you so close to the Carnival ships docking that you can hear all the announcements! Stayed on QM last year and it was a wonderful experience!
  3. Cruiseplum is a great site.
  4. I went there on a day pass in March and loved it! Beautiful resort and great food. When you get off the tender just walk to the "downtown" area (less than 5 min walk) and grab a cab. I don't remember the cost, so it must have been reasonable. Enjoy!
  5. I stayed at the Hotel Current in March, I would highly recommend it as a Park and Cruise option. Very reasonable price. The staff is friendly and helpful. They have a shuttle that takes you to the port and picks you up. While not an "upscale" hotel, it is modern, comfortable and clean. The only downside is that there are only a couple of places within walking distance to eat at. I just ate before checking in and brought snacks. Oh, they have free breakfast too!
  6. Thank You so much! I leave in 16 days, even more excited now :)
  7. Leaving in a couple weeks as well, thank you for sharing, and looking forward to seeing the fun times
  8. I just booked last minute for 3/30 sailing. Your time dining was not listed as an option, early dining was wait-listed and late dining the only open choice. How can I get your time dining? I am a party of one, and dont take long to eat!!! Just an early bird (awake at 4am and in bed by 9), late dining is not going to work for me. Should I select the wait-listed early time?
  9. In case anyone is interested in a great gift card deal: I just filed my taxes with TaxAct and got a $562 gift card for $500, taken directly out of my refund! Since I can usually only cruise with my refund, this was a fantastic deal!
  10. great news! thank you, leaving in 6 days! Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  11. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  12. Hi fellow cruisers! I am hoping someone can give me some advice. Will be on a 4day cruise the end of May, stopping in Ensenada and Catalina Island. Have done the touristy things here and would really like a relaxing beach day. Looking at either Estero Beach in Ensenada or Descano in Catalina. I will be solo, so safety is a bit of a consideration. Does anyone of any information on these two spots, or a preference? Thank you in advance :)
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