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  1. Thanks everyone for the heads up and the replies. Looking at the programme, they’re appear to be only doing a round trip of 28 days in March 2022 on the Coral and aren’t doing the 17 day Northern explorer from Sydney to Fremantle that I’m booked on for March ‘21 on the Sapphire. Causing a bit of a dilemma, what with Aus being effectively closed to travellers because of the quarantine rules, but not one, I have to decide on until December when payment is due and maybe travel restrictions will show signs of being lifted by then (maybe I might be being too optimistic there..) As for t
  2. Does anybody know when the 2022 programme of sailings for Australia is likely to be published by Princess? Was looking at options for my 2021 cruise scheduled for next March, one them to put it back a year, but as they don’t have any cruises published, I can’t consider that option at the moment, so if anyone knows when they might release their 2022 programme, I’d appreciate if you could share that information?
  3. I noticed that both Carnival Breeze ( now heading back towards the States) and Carnival Valor is/were moored of the English Coast at Weymouth (Portland). Does anybody know what the Breeze and Valor are/were doing there, as it rare to see CCL ships in UK waters these days. I can only assume they were both taking part in crew repatriation, unless it was cheaper to park up here for a while....
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