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  1. We usually cruise with RCCL and arrive for boarding in Port Everglades around 11 am. We will be on the Zuiderdam in 2 weeks. Will we be able to board around 11 am on Holland America also ?
  2. Thank you VT. A big help Will call Celebrity to see if I can get a specific cabin number for a category.
  3. Interested in booking a handicapped cabin in Feb., but our travel agent unable to find information on them. Shouldn't this info be available by now ?
  4. Agree with "lovelife". Have never had a personal attendant
  5. Would the Surf Only allow me to get on my game websites to play cards (Bridge, Canasta, etc.) ?
  6. In May, we booked an OS, for 3, on the Independence with RCCL. Our deposit was $300. Hope we don't get a phone call
  7. Price drop on Indy this AM Our price came down for our OS cabin---saved $604
  8. Have saved alot money over the years by using ********** web site for alerts
  9. Happened to me December, 2016. Yes, its hard to believe its still going on. A money maker for someone
  10. Thank you for the link Surf+Stream is $18 a day on board Pre-booking is $14.30 a day Don't see discounts for Diamond +
  11. Tanks for replies. It's early yet. Think I'll wait for the $8.95 deal !
  12. Is $14.39 daily, for one person, a good price for this package ? This is for the Independence in December.
  13. Had an OS on the Vision. I use a cane and did not notice any extra movement. .
  14. This is another excellent review for Travel Guard A few years ago, I fell in the cabin and broke my leg. The hospital in St. Thomas was unable to fix it, so my husband and I were evacuated to a hospital in our home port of Ft. Lauderdale. My daughter and her husband stayed the night in St. Thomas and flew home the next day. Travel Guard paid for everything and promptly Sorry, do not remember the plan or the cost
  15. Good for you,"rvrocker" Would you tell us just how you contacted them? Hard to believe this is still going on
  16. Billnheather:To answer your question I don't think they will give you a larger table We were 3 on an OS on the Vision with a huge balcony. But, it was only set up for 2 people.. They could not give us a lounge or dining chair for our third person---told us there wasn't any extra furniture available. They did bring a folding chair from the kitchen, so we could eat together
  17. Since DH has never been on a cruise,you should go for the GS. The Concierge in the Suite Lounge will ensure that he will never have to wait in line.. He even escorts you off the ship when cruise is over.
  18. The Suite Lounge on the Independence has an excellent Concierge, by name of Alex Varges. He was there in December. Hopefully, he will be there on your sailing
  19. We had the RFS in December on the Independence. Any additional questions?
  20. Like the concierge bartenders. Also, the walk off by the Concierge when leaving cruise
  21. We were on the Independence in December in a suite. We agree with you about Alex. A very outstanding young man. An excellent Concierge. He is very visable, can't do enough for you and always with a smile.
  22. Happened to us on the Independence in December. Charged $12.27 for water we didn't drink
  23. They were given to us at check-in. Didn't have to ask, they were ready
  24. On the Independence in December. They still have their library with a large selection of books Its always my first stop after embarking a ship.
  25. After arriving home from a cruise on the Independence in december, I had a extra charge of $12.27. (For water I didn't drink) I agree with "Thirsty Cruiser". This would make a juicy story for a newspaper
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