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  1. Yes, I was referring to the forward suites on deck 10. OP had asked about forward or aft suites. 🙂 We've been on the Jewel and Pearl...but haven't been on the Star...so just going by the deck plans on the NCL website. So, is there no Haven area at all on the Star...? We don't spend time in those anyway...but we do love the suite breakfasts and lunches...! 🙂 Which restaurant are they held in...? Cagney's...? Moderno...?
  2. Yes, I was unclear whether there was a "mini-Haven" on the Star. (Again, we never spent any time there on the Jewel nor Pearl.) Where is it...? It looks like it should be on deck 12 forward...but on the NCL website, it looks like there are smaller inside cabins in that area...? We've never had an issue with the lights--but I've heard others mention that...maybe it's that we've done mostly Alaska, so it's been light later and/or we don't turn lights on out there at night. And YES...the wind tunnel effect...! Once that happens, you learn VERY quickly to only open one door at the time...! 🙂
  3. I don't think this is actually true...? Based on the deck plans on the website, the area above those forward suites on deck 10 is the bridge, not a public space...? We've stayed in the forward suites on deck 10 on the Jewel and the Pearl (similar sister ships)...and loved 'em. In fact, we're booked in for one of those suites on the Star in 2022. We prefer forward suites...cause we like to see where we're going (as opposed to where we've been)...but that's a matter of personal preference. BUT, there are couple of things to be aware of if you select any one of those forward suites on 10 and 9... The first is that the front balcony can be windy when the ship is underway, so best to plan accordingly with layered clothing. But the owners suites have a side balcony (as well as a front one), so that's a great option for when it's cold and/or rainy. Also, being right beneath the bridge, you can see some of the ship's crew--and they can see you. Also, you can sometimes see some light from the bridge at night. We have never heard any noise coming from the bridge, though...we've found them to be very quiet suites. Finally, if there is a Haven area on the Star (and I'm not sure if there is)...those forward owners suites usually have access to that area--but they are not physically located within the Haven area. (At least this was the case on the Jewel and the Pearl.) For us, that's never mattered--but if that's important to you, you may want to make a different selection. Hope this is helpful... 😃
  4. Excellent reminder...! Good idea to even clean our own before each use...! 🙂
  5. I would, unquestionably, bring my own pair along...as someone mentions elsewhere, the binoculars that are provided are often not high quality and/or don't work very well. Everyone has different ideas of what kind of binoculars would be best (and what feels comfortable in your hands), so if you're thinking of purchasing new binoculars to bring along, I would suggest going to a local sporting goods store (if you have one nearby)...and checking out their selection. I did this before buying--and I was amazed at what a difference there was between comparable ones of the same magnification and size. The ones we ended up purchasing were "fair-priced"...so it didn't matter whether we purchased online or from a physical store. In all honesty, you do get what you pay for...so a really good pair of binoculars can be pricy. If you're buying them for a one time use, you might not wanna shell out a ton...but if you think you'll use 'em over and over again, you might wanna spend a bit more. Over the years, we've had very good luck with various models from Nikon...and they offer a great variety of sizes and magnifications in different price ranges. Hope this is helpful...! 🙂
  6. Just tried it and I don't get that...it pulls up just fine for me. (I do have a pretty good spam filter/security warning set-up on my computer, so I would think I would get a warning if there's a problem...?)
  7. Currently, I believe it's a draft...but it'll be more firm as we get closer to the dates involved. Is it dramatically different than what's posted on your itinerary...? (Do keep in mind that even though your itinerary may list a specific arrival/departure time--those times are the "actual" times. For example, disembarkation is often an hour or two after the arrival time listed on the itinerary.)
  8. Awesome...! Thank you...! I was hoping that it was just that I was looking at it too early in the year...! 🙂
  9. Yes, that's the one I've found, too...but it doesn't list the berth that each ship in port will be docking at. Have you looked at this in previous years...? If so, do they add the berth numbers in eventually...?
  10. DH and I will be cruising to Alaska later this year...and trying to get a sense of which berth number we'll be at in each port. I've been able to find a website that lists a calendar with the Alaskan ports and what ships will be in each port on each day, but am looking for something that will also list which berth each ship will be at in each port. Anyone know of a website that includes this info...? I found one last year before our cruise--but haven't found one for this year. So, wondering if such a thing doesn't exist anymore...or maybe I'm just too early in the year to be looking for that info...? Thanks in advance...
  11. If the TA wasn't someone I've used for years, I might be inclined to think this...but definitely not the case here. My TA is excellent...she's always going to bat for us for good deals...and when there's a problem, she always gets it resolved in our favor...! I don't use a TA often, but when I do, she's my "goto"...! As someone else mentioned, maybe NCL agents aren't supposed to "refare" more than once, but they don't enforce it. Regardless...my TA got us the reduction--without having to go through the cancel and re-book process. 🙂
  12. HAHAHAHA...if she wasn't a good friend, I'd definitely think that...! 🙂 She's actually VERY good...and has always gone to the mat for us to get us the best deals...! And when there's been a problem, she's gotten it resolved in our favor...! 🙂
  13. No, we'd never heard of such a thing, either...! Neither had our TA...which is why she was able to do it for us...! 🙂
  14. Thank you...that's exactly what we thought...! (We sorta suspected that she wasn't getting the true answer...they probably just don't want us continuing to reduce the price of our cruise...!) And we gave our TA a list of the other cabins/suites we could switch to--if she couldn't rebook into our current one, just in case.
  15. Thank you...that's exactly what we thought...! We even told our TA that if we needed to just cancel and re-book, she could go ahead and do that...! (We even gave her a list of other cabins/suites that she could switch us to, if need be.)
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