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  1. I would say Magic. We loved those ports! (except we did not have a Amber Cove on our trip) We really like the Magic as well. It is one of those good problems to have as both itineraries are great!
  2. My husband and I have done cove balconies before. We like them, but our granddaughter did not. Since she travels with us we do not book them anymore. Maybe when she gets older she will appreciate them more. I have heard some say when seas get rough they can get water over them at times, we have never had that happen to us though. Enjoy! you should get a better view of the locks 😀
  3. I think we are about 56 days out from boarding the Panorama 😀
  4. I had read that there is no smoking at the Casino during embarkation as this is where you enter on the Panorama. So once the ship is done with fueling it should be a non issue. Most times that process is done by early afternoon.
  5. There are actually (3) other couples traveling with us. Our good friends who we had the adjoining balcony with we actually booked at the same time as ours, the others were in rooms 3-5 rooms down from us. Apparently none of the rooms had the capacity for 3, yet when we booked with Carnival ours did. We are still slightly confused, but it is resolved.
  6. So happy to hear that Carnival and other lines are helping out with the humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas. The pictures are just heart wrenching😥
  7. We did the Cave Tour in Belize and Little French Key in Roatan! Both were amazing. When driving through Belize it was very run down, and I certainly would not want to walk around in that area. We never felt unsafe at either place. Had a great time. I think we booked privately for both, but I think you can book through Carnival for both.
  8. I am not sure how it all works, but we were surprised thinking they know how the room layouts will be. I am happy that we were able to resolve it, but it was not easy. lesson learned, but again this would not have bothered us if was a normal year with just the 3 of us. I will be more assertive when booking on a new ship next time 🤔
  9. So after some phone calls and from the help of Mr Heald (I believe) We were able to solve our issue with our cabins. We opted from our great location center ship deck 7 to ones that are closer to the front. May not be ideal for my sometimes queasy stomach, but we are back to having adjoining rooms with our friends, which is all we wanted in the first place. I hate doing countdowns so early, but I think we are now 190 days out from our cruise for 2020 😀I don't get too excited until we are closer to 60 days out, but maybe I am just excited knowing that we will have some fun times with our friend
  10. Love the optimism ! Hopefully they don't add a lounge back there
  11. Hello and Thank You We were just told that the room was re-configured and by having 3 in our party we exceeded the amount for that room. I know it seems like such a small problem, and really if it was just the 3 of us it would not be an issue with me, I just think they need to come up with a new location with connecting balconies. In my opinion, it should be an easy fix, but I am not the one booking 4800 people on a cruise either
  12. Hey, Thanks for the words of wisdom Really we just want our adjoining balcony with our friends. I cannot imagine that we are not linked as my husband made the reservations for both us and them. We paid the deposit all at one time as we wanted to make sure to get the adjoining balconies in that location. It is just frustrating. We will continue to pursue our options and move on, but in the end we just would like them to get us 2 rooms with adjoining balconies. Being MN nice is hard sometimes, but we will do our best
  13. Not sure how to contact him, and this is a Carnival booking issue, not sure if he would have any pull with this situation. Thank You, may have to keep this in mind if we do not get anywhere with the other representatives.
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