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  1. Pulled this from NCL's Escape page, Sample Menu. If its accurate, it looks like they eliminated a few items and rearranged the page, the names of certain dishes, along with an uptick in price. None the less, if the portions and quality remains the same from a few years ago, it is worth it. If I recall, we had the pork bell, crab salad, chef's cheese platter, the duck and scallops. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/Pincho-Tapas-Bar-Shell.091719.pdf
  2. Funny you mentioned the Epic. We may have to considered another sailing. You have to love the prototype that spawned the the latest NCL ships. Love the round Austin Powers beds in the Haven.
  3. Thanks Dave for sharing that website. We've been looking at other lines. If we did jump from NCL, we'd probably try out the MSC Seaside. I think RCCL could be a possible 2nd choice. For many reasons, we enjoyed the heck out of the Escape. More than likely we'll sail her again, probably soon than later. A great ship can definitely offset a repeat itinerary. As for the future NCL ships, I would like to see them move the Haven compound to the AFT, especially if Spice H2O at the AFT is phased out.
  4. Well said MrMike45. My wife and I feel the same way. We've been trying to figure out our next cruise, and we definitely enjoy the Haven. When you start looking at the raising cost for a 7 day cruise, I can spend 2 weeks in Europe for that money. Our other sticking points with NCL these days are the Caribbean itineraries for the big ships has been a little stale the last few years. I know they have added Puerto Plata, but the DR has been going down hill. Besides, the DR is more of a resort island. I still can't understand the 6:00pm arrival in San Juan for the Encore itinerary. For
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