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  1. We got multi entry eVisa, I just put the first day we visit and the last, it is checked and emailed within a few days so I suspect they will contact you if there is any issues.
  2. We will be on this cruise also, Reading these comments is a great source of information :)
  3. Hi Videopark, My ship departs at 11pm also, our documents say check-in starts at 2pm.
  4. Hi Westiesheepie, We are doing this cruise in December, we have eVisa's for Vietnam, which I sourced myself but we could not get eVisa for Cambodia, I rang and spoke to Seabourn and she said we need a visa for Cambodia even if we are not leaving the ship and that we can get this Visa on the ship, she just put a note on our seabourn account. Hope this helps you.
  5. We are on Ovation Singapore to Hong Kong later this year, do we need to get visa's for Cambodia, if we are not planning to get off the ship that day. I know some ports wont let ships enter unless everyone has visa's. As mentioned before the visa companies recommended by Seabourn, all state we need one, but I thinking its a "just incase you might need it" type of recommendation. Any thoughts ?
  6. Hello fellow foodies, Just a question slightly off topic, could anyone suggest where I could find out when or if there will be a “shopping with the chef” on our Singapore to Hong Kong cruise. I can find cooking classes in the shore excursions, but we would like to experience “shopping with the chef” if they still do this.
  7. Thank you a very helpful reply.
  8. Hello We have never been to HK before, we disembark our cruise, in HK early January, then we have 2 days before we fly out, just wondering, if anyone could advise, 1. If we should stay near the airport, or 2. Change our departing flights to the same day as disembark, or 3. Stay in HK on the harbour as originally planned and hope for the best. Thank you
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