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  1. Gees, I just got off the Nieuw Statendam Saturday, we ate in the dining room twice, we had great service and were in an out of the dining room in 70 minutes.  Food and drinks were wonderful.  So sorry you are not having the same experience, hopefully it gets better.

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  2. If you choose HAL, I would suggest you chose the Koingsdam round trip out of Vancouver.  The Koningsdam is a Pinnacle Class ship, first in this class of ship.....I have 60 folks sailing on the Koningsdam in August and am not worries one bit about anyone being bored or having nothing to do.......this is a very active itinerary, much different than if you were in the caribbean.....

    If always tell people if you are going to Alaska, Glacier Bay is a must, HAL and Princess are the best in Alaska as they have been the two cruise lines sailing Alaska the longest.  Princess over 50 years and HAL over 75 years, that for me is very telling.

    For me, HAL is perfect for my family and me.....

    I will post a review when I return from my Koningsdam Alaska cruise.......



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  3. I am just off the Rotterdam in March.  I did not have any issue waiting for coffee, water, tea or lemonade in the Lido for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We ate a few times in the dining room and, again, I haver had an issue waiting for my wine to be delivered.


    There are bars you can walk up and order a drink at various places throughout the ship, which you can take with you, I found myself doing that a few times, just because I was there and figured I'd get it.


    We had the Have it All Package, I would get a few cans of soda or water's for my cabin, so I had them readily available.


    Don't sweat the small stuff, it all works out, go and enjoy the Rotterdam, she's a beautiful ship with an amazing crew, she's one of my favorites.

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  4. Myself and 2 besties will be sailing on the Nieuw Statendam, we booked a Vista Suite......I agree with the others, the best choice would be to get a 4th to join and get two connecting balcony cabins......good luck.....either way you'll have a wonderful time.

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