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  1. I am one who books early, I book the exact cabin in the exact location that will make me happy, if the price drops, then I get the lower rate on the cabin I booked. I don't feel booking early is a mistake either.....for me, I like my cabin in a certain area of the ship on a certain deck, so one reason I do book early.
  2. Wahoooo, makes it all so real, have a great cruise.
  3. I never opt out, however, I will give an envelope to my room steward and assistant, waiter and assistant and to the wine steward, and if I frequent a lounge more than others and someone goes out of their way for me, they will get an envelope as well...........they all work very hard to provide me with a wonderful, carefree vacation, I would never want to take anything away from any of them..............................
  4. I sailed the K’dam to the Caribbean this past March and much to my surprise I loved this ship. I was delighted to see it in Alaska 2021 as I am planning an Alaskan cruise for 2022 and am hoping a Pinnacle Class ship is available for us to book.....but I would be happy on a Vista or Signature class ship as well.
  5. Odd is right, I just logged into the HAL site, went thru the booking process and was able to select my cabin on the March 8 sailing on the NS and if I wanted to book, I could.........I don’t understand why people were told their cruise was cancelled.....I had a cruise cancelled once and that cruise was immediately taken off the HAL website.......strange......
  6. AND don’t forget the peanut butter sauce!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I believe this may be chartered for the Dave Ramsey Show, I saw on youtube he had a cruise going in March and I believe its on the Nieuw Statendam........................
  8. Thanks everyone, really appreciate it.
  9. Will a 1pm flight out of Vancouver after a cruise be ok???
  10. If my 20 something nieces and nephews had a great time and re-booked another HAL cruise while onboard, your group will enjoy it as well. Go and have a great time, like I said before, don't sweat the small stuff................
  11. One thing to add, my nieces and nephews sailed HAL for the first time when they were teens, they LOVED Club HAL and still talk about their time there. They are all in the early to late 20's, we just sailed the Koningsdam this past March, they still love HAL had such a great time they have all booked the Nieuw Statendam with us again for 2021............
  12. Why not book the Anytime dining, then you can sit with someone new every night................
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