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  1. I am so very sad to hear this news, she was definately a wealth of information on these boards and will be missed.........may she rest in peace...........
  2. I can't get the vaccine so I guess I'd be out of luck!!! Oh well there are other place I can go if I can't cruise.
  3. That’s very strange, I always book my own cabin and did so for the Feb 13, 2022 NS sailing. I never would book a guarantee cabin, I like my cabn in a specific area of the ship. I would give HAL a call and ask why......
  4. I am booked on the NS 10 day Caribbean sailing in February 2022, feeling optimistic🙏
  5. Totally agree, the Rotterdam is brand new and one of the Pinnacle Class ships which are a welcome addition to the HAL fleet, gives you options.............IMHO
  6. I totally agree with everyone here, from how you explained your family the Rotterdam is an absolutely perfect ship for your family cruise. Half Moon Cay is, for me and my family, always the highlight of the cruise. Its a beautiful beach day for us as we all enjoy beaches.....ooohhhh I can't wait til we're sailing again............... The Pinnacle Class ships also have Family cabins that will sleep 5. I don't know how large these cabins are as they are new to this class of ship, but they may work for your family. Be sure to ask about them on the Rotterdam if you decide to book i
  7. Thank you dfish, this all sounds so exciting..................
  8. Thinking back to the Mighty Cruise Ships showcasing the Koningsdam, that Norway cruise looks beautiful...............sitting here dreaming and wondering who has done the Voyage of the Midnight Sun and their thoughts? I am putting it on my bucket list and would love to hear the do's and don'ts of this cruise. Looking forward to reading your experiences...........
  9. Ooohhh thank you for the correction, thought they were fleet wide.....
  10. Welcome back to HAL, my favorite cruise line, with that said, here are my thoughts. I have not sailed on Celebrity or Oceania so its hard for me to compare, but I can give you my thoughts on HAL. Some changes HAL has made were hard for me to get used to but in time I did. I don’t find HAL as formal as you may have remembered. I have sailed HAL for over 30 years or so. The dress code at night is more relaxed than what you probably remember. There is still gala nights (the former formal nights) where gentlemen’s suggested wear is button down shirts and nice pair of tr
  11. My TA always sends me a copy of my confirmation as soon as she receives it from HAL.........maybe your TA did as well, check your junk mail....if not there, then call.
  12. Should be on your confirmation from HAL.
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