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  1. We've had this category and only used the tub once. It's just a little weird and I wish that space was available for another chair or a bigger dining table, but it isn't in the way at all. Enjoy!
  2. We are booked on the 11/22 sailing of the Jade from Tampa and received our Upgrade Advantage email on August 29. We had already made final payment and are hoping to move up to a balcony from an oceanview.
  3. We are over a year out on our OX guarantee cabin and have already been assigned an OB category cabin. NCL would call that an upgrade because it isn't on the lowest deck.
  4. Jane Powell--the chocolage goddess of love (http://www.janelpowell.com/index.html) The Fly Boys--https://www.facebook.com/373764386057992/posts/the-newest-members-of-the-flyboys-what-an-amazing-time-we-are-having-with-norweg/1221999854567770/ Jim Badger-- Those are my top three!
  5. We are booked on the July 10, 2021 sailing of Oceana and our reservation hasn't been cancelled. Has anyone's future reservation on Oceana been cancelled yet? If so, what dates? I would imagine they would be processing them in order of sailing dates and it might be a while before we are cancelled and offered a refund or future cruise credit.
  6. I usually use Travel Guard and their Gold policy. 24.3 cruises and I had never used my insurance until the .3 cruise that was cancelled on day 3 of a 10 day voyage. I was very pleased with how things worked out with my first travel insurance claim. I am a kidney transplant recipient so I normally purchase for medical evacuation just in case, but it came in really handy when the cruise was cancelled for mechanical reasons.
  7. I have done it. It is a very easy process. Call NCL with your Travel Agent information and they will transfer the booking to the agent. However, keep in mind, NCL really won't talk with you again after you are booked with an agent. They will only work through the agent.
  8. Plastic straws...are these old photos or did you bring your own?
  9. I'm just back from a cruise that left from Copenhagen and I needed to have international electrical adapters for my pre/post hotel stays and I didn't bring mine.
  10. The only problem with the "plan a land vacay" is that NCL takes their time in refunding the money. I was on the Jade that cancelled in November and it took 2-3 weeks to get the refund. Not everyone can float the cost of 2 vacations for 2-3 weeks. I planned ahead and had travel insurance that covered all of my out of pocket costs that NCL didn't cover (hotel, taxi, meals in San Juan).
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