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  1. Any comments on the Specialty Restaurants?
  2. Thanks for the advise. What time is the brunch at Palo's?
  3. Thank you for the information. Has anyone gone to Palo's for brunch?
  4. We will be on Disney Dream in a few weeks. What are the dining recommendations for brekfast and lunch? We will be travelling as a couple. Also, I understand the dining rotation. Is it worthwhile to go to the specialty restaurants? We have been on other cruise lines but this our first on Disney. Any other ideas to make a great cruise would be appreciated.
  5. I cruised on the Fantasy out of New Orleans last January. It was a great trip. The ship is not a small ship. We are leaving for another January cruise on the Fanatasy on January 7th. I would not think twice about going.....
  6. When is the Fantasy formal night on the 4 day cruise?
  7. Great review. We leave in a couple of weeks. There has been some question about EZ CheckIn on the Golden. Do you know if they offered flight check in? We are hearing mixed answers. My wife wondered if the inside of the ship was cold? We have been on many cruises that are really cold at the shows and lounges. Thanks, Scott
  8. My princess travel agent said they are still doing EZ Check. She said only certain airlines are participating. She also said the airlines must be the same for all connections too. I leave on Aug. 15th on the Golden and plan to use it. The fee is $15-20 per bag. Scott
  9. Thank you for all the great information. Did they offer EZcheck? I read that you can check your baggage and get your boarding passes ahead of time. We have a 12:30 flight and plan to do that if they have it. Scott
  10. Does anyone know if the Seattle Port will be using the EZ Check IN upon Debarkation? I read about it in the Cruise answer book but have not heard anyone talk about it. It seems as though they will print your boarding passes and take your luggage to the airport for you. We are on the Golden in August. Any information would be appreciated. Scott
  11. I heard the Golden was going in to dry dock to be refurbished. Does anyone know what they are doing? Are we to expect major changes or just a face lift? We travel in August on the Golden. Thank you for any information. Scott
  12. We also were on the Jan. 1st sailing. I found the ship to be in good shape. Food was fine. Service was excellent. We had an empress outside and it was in great shape. The only down side was smelling cigarette smoke in most lounges and promenade. The solution was to avoid those areas. We used self assist to debark and were to our car in 30 minutes. I consider this Fantasy cruise to be one of our best times. Scott
  13. KCarp, We leave on Thursday. How was the parking? Any hassles? We live just south of BR. I plan to leave around 9am or so. My wife wondered if the ship was cold. Any other suggestions? Scott
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