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  1. I agree that prices are ridiculous right now. We were thinking of booking an 11 day cruise on the Edge that does Panama Canal and ABC islands but for $10,500 CAD for a C3 cabin(not alot less for reg. Balcony either) they have got to be nuts. Never seen such insane pricing two years in advance.. Even with perks that is outrageous....we still have to pay flight and hotel on top of that..so I guess we will wait and see if prices start coming down...
  2. I recieved the full refund from NCL today. Got an email last night confirming amount and it is in my CC this am! I applied on March 23 when it was first allowed as we had a March 20 cruise cancelled by NCL on March 13.. good luck all! Cancelling my CC dispute
  3. It's all there this am !!! What a relief! Good luck all.
  4. Good question..so far on the CC I used.....it has all been 'NCL reservation' transactions...and not Costco travel....which is who we booked with....we are also CAD if that ends up mattering somehow 😉...I will see what happens with this much larger amount.....which I will hopefully see in a few days..
  5. Excellent 👌 starting to look good for all.. we were in Tahiti already as well for our pre-cruise on the Jewel...😩 we were scheduled for embarkation March 20
  6. We were cancelled by NCL on March 13. We applied on March 23 for full refund as directed... so to answer your question based on my count.... In business days....just over 50.. in actually days including weekends.. about 76... However...we just recieved the email..I do not see the refund yet and email says depends on financial institution and an additional 7-10 Business days....so we will see... Will post an update as soon as I see the $$
  7. I just received and email from NCL saying my refund has been processed .. it may take a few days to show up on my credit card . ..but this is good news to me!
  8. NCL cancelled on us the week before our cruise was to depart. Nearly immediately got FCC +25%. On March 23 we asked for full refund. We did the CC dispute on May 4 as nothing had come back and personally 90 days for a refund is ridiculous...we had to itemize each transaction on the CC and with that a total was created. Interestingly, this week NCL refunded us our prepaid OBC and a bday package meant for the cruise. I called the CC company back to remove those charges from the dispute. We are still waiting for the deposit, service charges, and cruise portion of our refund. Our CC said NCL has
  9. Nothing was different. I think because we called yesterday and it was a new policy just starting yesterday both our TA and the Celebrity agent were misinformed. Once I pointed out what it said on their website and in an email I received the switch was made without issue. I’ve read on these forums if the number of days of the cruise are different it’s a no go..like you can’t go from a 10 day to a 11 or 9 etc.....some have said it has to be same ship, but I’m not sure if that is correct or not. For us it happened to be all the exact same anyway. Good luck!
  10. Yes. I believe the deposit is still non refundable as they said they were waiving the change fee...
  11. We had success with this today. We booked on-board in October 2019 for a 12 day Caribbean cruise on equinox November 27 2020. Called today and at first was told no....and was quoted the current price listed on celebrity website......then they got a supervisor and we got everything switched over to the 12 day equinox cruise for November 28, 2021. Only one port difference.. we kept all perks and didn’t pay the change fee from our NR deposit. We actually paid 16$ less because taxes went down..... very pleased and eased our minds with all this uncertainty lately.....
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