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  1. Home Departure City - Nashville, TN (BNA) Arrival/Destination City - Montreal (YUL) & shuttle to Quebec City / New York City (EWR) Airline(s) used - American outbound, United return Number of Connections - 1 outbound, nonstop return Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 6:16 am CDT / 1:40 pm EDT Return Flight departure/arrival time - 8:05 pm EDT / 9:27 pm CDT
  2. 16 days out and ours is gone as well with no email. It was there last night at 10 pm CDT.
  3. It could change. A lot of things can happen before they ticket in February/March.
  4. The flights absolutely may change from the placeholders. Our ticketed flights have a different layover airport than on our original itinerary. Also, be sure to double check the payment information and eDocs. NCL randomly charged $298.50 to our account when doing the air ticketing. I called and had it corrected, but then noticed that one of our transfer vouchers is no longer in the eDocs. The tech department is working on that one.
  5. I talked to NCL customer service this afternoon and they were able to correct whatever they had done to my account. I now have a zero balance, my air is ticketed, seats are chosen, eDocs are downloaded, and all is well with the world! By the way, the customer service agent that I spoke with said she was glad I had called to have it checked out now, instead of waiting until I got to the ship as some folks do. So, if you see something wonky on your account, give NCL a call. My total time on the phone was 19 minutes.
  6. @Socalev, it’s probably a glitch then. It happened just before I got my air confirmation email from NCL, so who knows what they were doing with the accounts.
  7. So maybe this is another NCL computer glitch, but suddenly my online account indicates I owe $298.50 more for my Cruise in October. I paid in full, including prepaid service charges of $390 on May 28. Final payment was due June 8. The mixup seems to be with the service charges: my account now has prepaid service charges listed of $688.50, so the system seems to think I haven’t paid my full cruise balance. I have sent an email to my PCC and will follow up with a call as soon as I am able. I feel like I should be able to work this out, but was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar, and how it was resolved.
  8. @mking8288 It turns out that price IS a bargain! NCL price for the transfer from Montreal to Quebec without the promo is $75 pp. I found this link in my eDocs: https://www.ncl.com/getting-to-the-pier/transfers-and-car-services/
  9. With the promo airfare, we were charged $65 pp for transfers, which includes transfer from Montreal to Quebec cruise port AND transfer from Manhattan cruise port to LaGuardia. eDocs don’t indicate which type of ground transport, but are same day.
  10. We have reduced air for a cruise out of Quebec in October. Not Atlanta, but Nashville. NCL has us flying on American: Nashville BNA to Chicago ORD to Montreal YUL with ground transfer from Montreal to Quebec. I was told NCL usually books flights into Montreal for cruises out of Quebec.
  11. We are doing the Canada/NE cruise (with flight package) from Quebec to NYC on the Dawn and will be flying out of LaGuardia. If you have already booked, the airport will be indicated in your trip summary under Air, Hotels, Transfers.
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