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  1. Gotcha, thanks!👍
  2. Which Bay does NCL tender to; Cook's Bay or Opunohu Bay? I'm trying to plan excursion's, so would like to know which one please. Thanks in advance!😊
  3. October, next year.
  4. @julig22, yes, we are flying to Tahiti from the East coast. @paradiseawaitsme, unfortunately since we fly into Tahiti, we can't get there any earlier or stay longer, their policy restriction.😪 I was really hoping to be able to! I ended up calling NCL and they told me we would have an overnight flight so we would get there in the morning and be on time for the cruise, so hoping for a decent one! Yes, finger's crossed for sailing soon, I am so ready!! @KKB, We are saving about $3K also using their airfare promo. Sure is nice!😊
  5. Thank you all for the information! @Petoonya, we are doing the 7 day from Papeete going to Huahine, Raiatea, Bora Bora & Moorea. @Tahitianbigkahuna, I love all your photos!😊
  6. I also booked with the 2nd guest free airfare. The only flights available for our arrival day either get us to the port at 10:00 pm, or the next day. With this promotion, we were told we can't get there early, or stay later. So with that, will they end up booking us on an overnight flight a day earlier anyways, so we get to port early (5:15 am) on departure day, or does it HAVE to be ticketed out the DAY OF, and we're just screwed arriving late, and have to find a way to meet up with the ship at the next port on our own?
  7. Has anyone been to Avea Beach when docked in Huahine? How in the world do you get there??🤔 In fact, how do you get anywhere, or do anything from this port, there's nothing there! Norwegian doesn't even offer excursions! Thanks in advance.
  8. What decks have viewing platforms (forward) that you can get to from interior hallways? I've looked at deck plans & pictures of the ship, but on some of the deck plans where it looks like the deck goes all the way around, looks like balconies for staterooms in pictures, so I can't tell for sure.
  9. Sorry, I can't edit my original post, but this is the itinerary: DAY 1 Vancouver, B.C. 4:30 pm DAY 2 Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage DAY 3 Tracy Arm Inlet 9:00 am - 9:30 am DAY 3 Juneau, Alaska 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm DAY 4 Skagway, Alaska 7:00 am - 8:00 pm DAY 5 Glacier Bay 7:00 am - 4:00 pm DAY 6 Ketchikan, Alaska 11:00 am - 7:00 pm DAY 7 Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage DAY 8 Vancouver, B.C. 7:00 am
  10. When we go to Alaska early July, we will have a brief moment where we are at Tracy Arm Inlet (30 min.) then head up to Juneau and be there from 1:00 pm - 10 pm. We are interested in doing the Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer tour which is 6 hrs., but also want to do the Extended Helicopter Glacier Trek (5 1/4 hrs) or the Helicopter Glacier Trek (4 1/4 hrs), all Holland excursions. Has anyone ever done this before? Will we have time for both? Not sure when the helicopter tours run, so don't know if it would be feasible to do both. If I booked independently & go later instead of relyin
  11. TMW67

    Overnight in port

    I have never been on a cruise where the ship ports overnight before. Are you allowed to get off/ on the ship when ever you want while there, or is there a curfew at night & set time to get off in the morning? Wondering how that works if you wanted to stay out later, or had an early morning excursion.
  12. I've heard whale season ends in October/ mid-November, so if you were in Moorea on November 7th, would you risk paying that much to swim with the whales that time of year? It's on my bucket list, something I've always wanted to do! I know there's never a guarantee with wild animals, but with that being so late in the season, not sure if I should do it. Anyone have good luck going in November? What tour did you use?
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