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  1. My friend had this happen a few years ago. The FCC was per person (her fare was more than her husband's). When she went to use it, they didn't let her apply it to the deposit, so she had to pay $500 toward that. She had to take two cruises to use it all. She booked another September cruise and then decided to take a cruise in April. They wouldn't let her use the remaining credit until after she took her Sept. cruise, so she had to book it while onboard in Sept. to make the year cutoff date. This was two years ago and she refuses to argue with people so not sure what will happen now, especially if you argue up the food chain.
  2. They made my friend still pay the deposit when this happened a few years ago. We definitely made out better taking the shortened cruise and getting 50% back in cash and 50% back in fcc minus taxes and fees. We luckily live an hour from the port.
  3. Yes. To add insult to injury, she booked another Sept. cruise and then decided to also go on an earlier cruise. They wouldn't let her use the rest of her FCC until after she'd gone on the Sept. cruise. She had to book the next cruise while onboard the September cruise to make the booking within a year deadline.
  4. My friend chose this and it had to be used in a year and they didn't let her use it toward the $500 deposit. She had to take two cruises to use it all.
  5. They texted us to keep us informed when our cruise was shortened to 4 days a few years ago. We were on Oasis and they gave us 50% of our money back (minus taxes and fees) in cash on the ship and the other 50% minus taxes and fees toward a future cruise. The ship was less than half full. My best friend cancelled and they gave her a future cruise credit, but she had to take two cruises to use it up, because they wouldn't let her use it toward the deposit. We definitely made out better by taking the shortened cruise.
  6. These are different scenarios because they are not positions that are tipped. A server is assigned guests to their table and if you don't show up, they don't have the option of getting new guests that will tip in your place. Therefore, you are taking money from their pockets by not tipping.
  7. This happened to my friend. She wasn't able to use her voucher for the deposit. Took her two cruises to use it. They don't work like you would expect. She also booked one cruise, then decided to take another before that one, and they told her she had to take the first cruise before she could use the rest of the credit. I thought it was crazy, but she wouldn't call and argue about it. Luckily she likes to cruise and was able to use it all eventually.
  8. I was on the cruise following yours. We were given half of our cruise fare (minus taxes and port fees) back in cash on the cruise from guest services and a future cruise credit for the other half of the fare. So we basically got a four night cruise for the cost of taxes and port fees and the ship was less than half full. We are using the cruise credit for this Sept. My friend was supposed to be on the cruise with us, but she had to cancel for a future cruise credit. The problem with that was they wouldn't let her use it toward her deposit, so for her cruise this Sept she had to pay the $500 deposit and she is still left with $600 of her future cruise credit.
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