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  1. I found this article pretty interesting. “In particular, we cannot predict the impact on our financial performance and our cash flows required for cash refunds of deposits as a result of the pause in our global fleet cruise operations, which may be prolonged, and the public’s concern regarding the health and safety of travel, especially by cruise ship, and related decreases in demand for travel and cruising.” https://finance.yahoo.com/news/carnival-sells-8-percent-stake-173028049.html I also found this inane: "We cannot predict how long the negative impact
  2. Started two charge backs today. The one for air charges I was able to do online for about $2,500.00. Ameeican Airlines canceled the flight we had paid Princess for. The one for the cruise for about $5,000.00 I had to do over the phone with another credit card. Both were for services we paid for but didn't receive. (March 19 Coral Princess).
  3. Since the cruise we laid for was 2 weeks ago air didn't operate as scheduled I feel we have a valid reason for a charge back via the credit card.
  4. Yes, offered FCC but I'm not interested in that. Just want our money back. Who even knows if Princess or Carnival will be around in the future.
  5. Has anyone actually gotten their money back? We were scheduled to sail on March 19 from Buenos Aires on Coral Princess, they canceled a few days before and we requested a refund but have not received anyhting. I am thinking of starting a chargeback through the credit card company for the cost of the cruise and the flights. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we're not sick or dead on Coral Princess but I think we should be promptly refunded for services we paid for and did not receive.
  6. I guess all those countries that wouldn't let passengers from the Coral Princess disembark were right. I hope the people that got off in Buenos Aires didn't make too many other people sick. That being said, I hope everyone still alive on the ship makes it home OK and takes the necessary precautions to not get sick or to not get others sick. Edited to add: looks like it's going to dock in Miami today, already in US territorial waters which means they must have permission to dock.
  7. So jealous, we were supposed to board on the 19th in BA and instead we are trapped in our homes. Enjoy it while you can, and good luck.
  8. I hope everyone gets home safely. I assume he problem with this plan is being able to stop for refueling and provisioning. We don't know which places you'll be able to dock at tomorrow, much less in a few weeks. Good luck!
  9. Infected. 3,000+ people exposed, 700 infected. I'm assuming this is in reference to Diamond Princess.
  10. I wonder if this is true, would be great if it is. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22585-princess-cruises-to-suspend-operations-for-60-days.html
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