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  1. I expect them to announce halting operations of new sailings after the markets close today.
  2. A friend of mine is an entertainer on Mariner. He was slated to go home in a couple of weeks, but has been asked to extend his contract. Unsure if they are suspending operations or if they do not want any new crew members coming onboard to expose existing.
  3. Don’t even worry about it- they’ll probably be taking all ships out of service as they return to port by Monday anyways. DCL just cancelled all sailings in addition to Princess.
  4. Somebody sounds really angry for being on a cruise. Maybe you should go get a drink in that Suite Lounge that you mention in every post!
  5. Newer ship. I was on Oasis last month and though that the cabins were yuck but had just been on Symphony. I was disappointed to see that Oasis had the same worn carpets and original stateroom furnishings. It is normal for them not to update staterooms during refurbishment but based on the money spent and hype I was disappointed that they didn't touch them on Oasis.
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