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  1. I would luv to but the price of Enchantment cruises all jumped today. Should've booked before!! Oh well. Guess RC putting kibosh on people booking cheapo cruises to L&S?? A wait & see... NJ
  2. Thanks. I have already done a L&S for a Thanksgiving cruise (Rhapsody to Harmony) with no problems. Understood that as long as cruise was Xmas to Xmas - could be done? NJ
  3. Thank you. Excellent to know this. Was keeping an eye on Enchantment Xmas cruise to L&S. But looks like all the prices have just jumped today. Maybe the cheap L&S is over? NJ
  4. Hi all, Getting a little nervous hearing about the shareholder dividend being cancelled. So just in case it makes a difference, submitted request to RC for shareholder credit for upcoming Fall cruises today at 5:00 pm. It's now 9:14 pm - received confirmation from RC that credit has been applied to all six cruises. Wow - don't know if that's a record but pretty impressed. NJ
  5. Hi, Question: can you L&S after final payment of a cruise? or only before? Thanks. NJ
  6. Great - thanks for this! Can getting a flu shot put you at increased risk for virus infections? There is some question about all the seniors who died in nursing/senior homes from covid. Were they at risk if it was a requirement at the nursing home to have the flu shot???? NJ
  7. Hi all, I will more than likely get vaccine when available, but did find some interesting facts.... Covid-19 Testing: People who are most vulnerable won't be part of the testing. They will be using "exclusionary criteria" to test, eg. test subjects can not be pregnant, not overweight, have never smoked or vaped, have no respiratory problems in your family, no asthma, no diabetes, no rheumatoid arthritis, no auto-immune disease, no history of seizure in your family. Looks like no typical Americans included, only super healthy. Is this true? Ddoes anyone know of someone involved in one of the clinical trials that does have health issues? Vaccines are only medical product that doesn't have to be tested against placebos (CDC). Nor will there be any animal testing testing of the Covid-19 vaccine (LiveScience - Nicolletta Lanese March. 13, 2020. Flu vaccine has been around since approx. 1938. Was originally marketed to take only once in lifetime. Now you take it once a year because new strain every year. Will you need to take Covid-19 vaccine every year? $500 million of U.S. taxpayer funds have been put into Moderna vaccine research - NIH/Fauci own half the patent FDA has 50% of their budget from vaccine companies. CDC has 11.5 billion budget - 4.9 billion of that is buying/selling and distributing vaccines. CDC owns 57 vaccine patents In 1976, a swine flu outbreak hit New Jersey, which incited fears of a new pandemic, so President Gerald Ford announced that the federal government would vaccinate all Americans. Congress approved $137 million for producing a vaccine for this purpose before flu season started. Unfortunately, hundreds of people developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (which causes nerve damage and paralysis) after receiving this vaccine, making many people fear it. The Ford family tried to alleviate fears by televising getting their flu shots, but ultimately the swine flu vaccination program was cancelled. "Trust but Verify" Cheers, NJ
  8. Hi all, Please do not jump on me! I have found it very interesting to read all the comments from my fellow CC members on this vaccine topic. Let me be clear, I am not anti-vaccine but I do luv learning & research. I submit this here only to share information as we are all serious about this topic. A good friend is a clinical study health researcher - he forwarded the following video. I found it to be extremely informative & thought-provoking. This is a well done debate between Robert Kennedy Jr. and Alan Dershowitz (both lawyers). It is based on science, research & facts - not simply opinion. I urge people to watch it (about an hour & 15 min.). Personally, I think it is time well spent as it gives an excellent overview of past & current vaccine research, history and the constitutional law. Cheers, NJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfnJi7yLKgE
  9. Hi, Can't find the answer to this question it seems. If I make one of my current "paid" cruises to be a casino complimentary cruise - do I get to keep the next cruise obc attached to it? or any of the booking obc? Thanks! NJ
  10. will try just the proxy card (with other details, etc.) & let you know. Just figured it was easier. NJ
  11. Will do the same. Thanks for the email address. Can I just attach a copy of our proxy notice for May 28th shareholder meeting? NJ
  12. Take note to really check over your new confirmations. After doing a number of Lift&Shifts, I found that on one of my new confirmations the price paid for my original cruise had gone up. After pointing out to my TA - they fixed this. Before doing L&S I had cross-checked with my TA & made note of what the tax/port fees would be for the new cruises. Confirmed these numbers with another on-line agency website too. But on the new confirmations for three of them the tax/port fees were even higher - to the tune of $210 higher. Pointed this out to my TA - he went back & changed them. So always do a double-check! NJ
  13. You were so right. Think casino was trying to upsell me. Anyway, lesson learned thanks to you. Yup, mid-town Toronto. For last 10 years we did spend six months of the year in Puerto Rico. Great - how bout that - a neighbour! NJ
  14. Lift & Shift Success! Just wanted to report that our five Rhapsody cruises have all been changed to Harmony 2021. Ended up submitting L&S form to RC for Rhapsody Nov. 7th crossing myself & it was done in 24 hours. This was after being given "no" twice. A HUGE thank you to Ken. I followed his advice - yes - do it yourself. And it worked. Thank you Ken for all your help!! NJ
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