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  1. Was he little more sociable? He didn't seem to mix with guests much & wasn't very visible at all. We are on Rhapsody now - HD is Angel Dimitrov. Very engaging & visible. NJ
  2. Hi, We have been on Rhapsody since Barcelona Nov. 9th. What a difference between the crossing & Thanksgiving week. There were over 480 kids - mainly families & large groups on board. Thank goodness this week back to near normal with only bout 85 kids. The crew was working very hard looking after these groups. And yes, think there is some new crew learning the ropes. Watched them literally running in the MDR. The elevators are now fixed. 50 Pinnacles on board. But the "P's" seem to be hanging in the D Lounge mainly coz the Concierge is now Alan. He is good. Captain Toni is back. Mary (Loyalty Amb.) is leaving next week for vacation. We liked that she did spend time in the Lounge & was always smiling/friendly. In fact, the big plus about Rhapsody to us is that all the officers/crew seem to go that extra mile. Agree, ship is still looking great. Xmas tree just went up today!! Cheers, NJ
  3. Yup, we're finding a lot of the promos the casino offers are kinda like an empty promise. Sounds good but.... NJ
  4. Just a comment on those certificates you get for points, eg. $100 for 400 points. Our experience is that they can't be used on just any cruise you want because of certain conditions put on them. Certificate has to be used within 30 days of date earned to book a new cruise, can not use them for "group" pricing rates, have to use RC's cruise fare rates which are often higher than TA rates. Kind of a hassle to actually use them sometimes. NJ
  5. Hi, Haven't met you but we're on the ship as well. Interested to hear your views on Rhapsody. Are the long coffee lineups on your issues list? Wonder why they don't just buy a second coffee machine. Looking forward to Cococay tomorrow! Enjoy. NJ
  6. For me, the mattress seems fine - no issues with hardness. NJ
  7. Yes, the sticky shower curtains are still here.... NJ
  8. Doing the crossing next year again too. Guess we like this ship! Weather today is 65, overcast, could be raining. Have done Canaries many times so didn't plan too much. But looking forward to Cococay. There is enough stuff to do on board, depending on what you like. lots of trivia. good crew - very friendly. Have to check again today but there are issues in casino with machines - you can play but your points are not tallied. hopefully fixed so we can play during our six sea days! NJ
  9. On Rhapsody right now. Don't see that too much has changed. They did take the computers out of the Diamond Lounge & now using part of the Loyalty Desk as a bar at nite for the crossing. Still can't access your account on TV. And there's been a problem in casino from believe Day 2 - points aren't being credited to your account. Not even sure what the problem is but have no idea when it will be fixed. A little quiet in the casino.... NJ
  10. Thanks for info. We ended up sharing a van with another couple to MIA airport for $50 each couple. Don't know if that was a good price or not but seemed easiest at the time. Cheers, NJ
  11. Hi all, We are on Rhapsody. Salmon is readily available on this ship - even serving grilled salmon in WJ for lunch. Ordered the horseradish crusted salmon on 1st nite to be grilled instead - no problem at all. In fact our waiter now asks us if we want it. What a difference from Adventure & Serenade. Every ship is a bit different. NJ
  12. Thanks for info. Sounds like it depends on ship. We just spent 34 days on Adventure. We had to arrange with the chef in both WJ & MDR if we wanted salmon - became a hassle. Same thing here on Serenade. Only last couple of nites WJ has offered some grilled salmon - not a thick fillet - only slim slices. Odd. NJ
  13. Ship - Serenade of the Seas Deck - 3 Stateroom # - 3639 Stateroom Category – Inside 6V Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – NOT AT ALL Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - Definitely. Noise (thudding footsteps, carts, dropping, banging) from the MDR above on Deck 4 & would be ongoing through the day. Worse during meal times & would then start up again sometimes as early as 3:30 a.m. Any other comments? - This is one of the two "sideways" cabins on the ship. Specially wanted to try it because of extra large size. A great cabin - except for the noise. Closet is more accessible. Had a loveseat. Good layout. The cooler was not working, had it repaired but still not as cool as others.
  14. Horseradish crusted salmon is only offered once - from what we see it is usually 1st nite of cruise. From our very recent cruises on Adventure & currently Serenade, you have to make a special request to get salmon in MDR. Only seeing fish like tilaplia, corvina, barramunda. Was told RC says salmon it is too expensive.... NJ
  15. We just got off the RCCL Adventure yesterday at Terminal 29. Didn't look like you could walk easily anywhere. Also, no wifi at this terminal. Verified (with sticker on windshield) Uber drivers can only enter port area if they show security that they are picking a fare up. Also saw a van shuttle service to FLL airport for $11/pp & to Miami airport for $25/pp. They left at 10 a.m. NJ
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