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  1. I canceled my October Breeze cruise this past weekend. Final payment was coming up. With Covid cases rising all over the country, we decided to pull the plug because we aren't interested in a cruise to no where and don't want to risk having to quarantine for 14 days for our jobs. Most Caribbean islands looks like they need an anti body test 72 hours before arrival and also we don't want to get stuck on a ship they may not let us off when the cruise is over. Wearing a mask all day is too hot. It just doesn't make sense to go. October isn't that far away so it seemed like the writing was on the
  2. Outrageous. This behavior is becoming more and more common in the cruiseline industry.
  3. Nothing. I have one left. One more and I'm done. They've priced me out.
  4. I would go Adventure. I had a great time on that ship. I generally have a better time on Royal Caribbean than carnival. Plus you get an extra cruise day. Bermuda is very beautiful and you can't go wrong with at St. Martin. Although Aruba is beautiful, DR and curacao are just okay.
  5. I fly to FLL to go to a cruise out of Miami a lot. Last year my Lyft ride was only $20. I don't mind flying into fort Lauderdale but I prefer to leave out of MIA. The hotels can be cheaper in Fort Lauderdale depending on what time of year you cruise if you prefer to stay near the ocean. I'm flying into Fort Lauderdale again in December but the Escape is going out of Miami. It's not a big deal. It's like a 20 minute ride. I do agree though. I wouldn't partake in the free airfare ever. I like to book my own airfare. Hope everything works out for you.
  6. Breakaway. I prefer the room layout and prefer the beaches on that itinerary. Grand Caymans has that white sand and crystal clear water and I like the cruise ship private islands. Great stirrup cay is relaxing and the Bahamas has that really blue water I enjoy.
  7. I don't care either way. On my last cruise random couples would show up here and there through out the week. Usually just one couple at a time. On the last night everyone showed up for some reason. I prefer to have the bread and butter all to myself. So then I have to slow it down...
  8. I would do itinerary one. I prefer those islands and you won't be disappointed. I've been to all the islands except for Tortola and Grenada. I wouldn't choose a cruise just to go to either of those islands though. There's no wrong decision.
  9. It depends. I booked a sail away cabin last year for my December cruise and was assigned within a couple of days. I make random installment payments so that doesn't have to do with anything. Another time I booked a sail away cabin and wasn't assigned until around 60 days before the cruise. I just randomly checked here and there...
  10. Leave as a bed. That way the person who is using it as a bed has a place to take a nap during the cruise with pillows and blankets all set up. Never know when someone is not feeling good or is just tired. Better to have it out.
  11. Most cruise lines allow people to upgrade and pay more for a different cabin up until 2 days before sail date. I would be confused too and I've cruised 5 different lines.
  12. I've been there once. Next time I'm staying on the ship. I try not to book a cruise that goes there.
  13. I upgraded my cabin about a month ago and did not have to rebook. I am booked as a past guest still outside of final payment and I didn't have a problem. They used the current prices.
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