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  1. Found a great deal with a military discount on a HOS cruise in December with a great "true interior" room. Haven't bit the bullet yet due to the current affairs. Looking for some input on what my cruising friends would do. Pros Best rate on a Oasis class ship during the most expensive week of cruising in a "true interior" cabin that seems to be pretty great before any of my below "pro" points There is a current military rate and my BF is a veteran saving us almost $200 which makes this sailing so reasonably prices Would be spending $100 and get a refundable deposit Neutral I always purchase cancel for any reason at anytime cruise insurance- this plan is $200 so I'm not necessarily using it in my trip calculations because its there whether I'm on a cruise or not Cons Should the cruise lines go bankrupt I am probably not going to get the deposit back and the cancel for any reason insurance policy probably wouldn't refund because I am purchasing during the middle of all this insanity. What is yalls crystal balls saying to be cruising in December between Christmas and New Years? We are young, we are healthy and are wanting to make new life memories with our family during this week!
  2. Virtual Balcony, Oceanview, Central Park Balcony, Central Park View. I need 3 walls and a door, no window, the more cavelike the better!
  3. Looking to book a cruise on Harmony and I am a diehard true blue interior room fan. There are slim pickins left for our 12/20 cruse date and didn't know if anybody had insight on those interiors on the 12th floor that belly up to Wonderland. Would they be loud, noisy? Would we hear a lot of activity from them.? Does anybody have a suggested room or floor for those limited interior cabins? Thank you friends!
  4. What was the price on the Z Pack and from where? Will be doing the same itin next month and this is for sure a thing I need to pick up
  5. Would love to see the prices of medicine at the Farmacias there in Cozumel tomorrow! Specifically Azithromycin and Wellbutrin! Thank you!
  6. I have tried every which way to sit at the Captains Table. I have asked every head waiter, hotel director, maitre d'. You name it I have tried so hard to get a seat at the Captains Table with the captain. My other thought was if I can't sit at the Captains Table with the actual captain I should be able to sit at the table the captain uses during dinner. No. go. That table will sit empty before they let me and my party sit at that table! The closest I have ever gotten to eating with the captain was on my Liberty cruise during lunch. The captain was in the MDR eating lunch with his family. I invited him to sit at my table with me for 2 seconds and he and I had a french fry off my plate. Because of this I can say I ate with the captain however I will never stop trying to get one of these coveted spots or AT LEAST sit at the actual table the captain would sit at during dinner. RCI if you are reading this, make my cruising dreams come true. I'm sailing on Liberty of the Seas on 12/15/19.
  7. I took mine, put it in a gallon size plastic bag and put them in the middle of my packing cube with shorts in it ant there was no problem. It was such a nice thing to have on the cruise and something I will always pack to help keep us healthy amongst all the germs.
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