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  1. We donated to RCI today for a Harmony Holiday cruise in December with Deluxe at 49/day and refreshment at 19/day. I felt great about the price and am prepared for the long haul on the refund should our cruise cancel. It did feel good to have a major line item on our cruise budget paid off today so it was a little win. Original prices on the deluxe were $65 a day! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Didn’t know if anybody had a preference or recommendation on the Hampton Inn & Suites or Hampton Inn right there at the cruise port in Port Canaveral. We will be taking private transportation from MCO and will be there mid afternoon. I also wanted to confirm we would be close to restaurants and shopping if needed. We are a group of 8 so we will probably take 2 Uber’s to port the next morning. Any good restaurants y’all recommend as well?
  3. Found a great deal with a military discount on a HOS cruise in December with a great "true interior" room. Haven't bit the bullet yet due to the current affairs. Looking for some input on what my cruising friends would do. Pros Best rate on a Oasis class ship during the most expensive week of cruising in a "true interior" cabin that seems to be pretty great before any of my below "pro" points There is a current military rate and my BF is a veteran saving us almost $200 which makes this sailing so reasonably prices Would be spending $100 and get a refundable deposit
  4. Virtual Balcony, Oceanview, Central Park Balcony, Central Park View. I need 3 walls and a door, no window, the more cavelike the better!
  5. Looking to book a cruise on Harmony and I am a diehard true blue interior room fan. There are slim pickins left for our 12/20 cruse date and didn't know if anybody had insight on those interiors on the 12th floor that belly up to Wonderland. Would they be loud, noisy? Would we hear a lot of activity from them.? Does anybody have a suggested room or floor for those limited interior cabins? Thank you friends!
  6. What was the price on the Z Pack and from where? Will be doing the same itin next month and this is for sure a thing I need to pick up
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