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  1. Hi. You will love it. The Anthem has some fun things to do that always have crazy lines. Bumper cars, escape room, North Star, iFly, sushi class, cupcake class, wine tastings, tours, etc. We only did them one time per session because we didn't want to prevent others from participating, but we did everything we wanted more than once. It's a nice perk. I also highly recommend the specialty restaurants and, if you are a foodie that enjoys wine, the Chef's Table is excellent. When a bunch of the Star Class guests were on a tour together, we chatted a bit about tipping. The general consensus for the Genie was a minimum of about $500, but averaged around $25-$50 per person per day. Have a great time!
  2. We are on the 12/21 sailing and got our personal email today, so you will probably hear from them around 11/28 or 11/29. So fun!
  3. We just got our email today and we wil have Agostina as well. I’m assuming she is female? I hope you will share your experiences when you return. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!
  4. Oh, you will love it! The survey seems very silly and some people refuse to complete it, but I encourage you to be as detailed as possible. They use the information, no matter how crazy your response, to find special gifts and surprises. It was great fun! Have a fabulous time!
  5. Thank you! That is exactly what I was hoping for. We've always wanted to do the bumper cars, but the lines were always ridiculous. May I ask the name of your Genie?
  6. I hope someone responds. Have you done the Star Class before? We loved it. We are rather low maintenance, but it was sooo nice to not have to worry about lines and saving seats. Having all of our restaurant reservations taken care of was also wonderful. The gifts they found for us were so personal and showed such care (they found otter cuff links for my otter fanatic husband - not an easy feat) and we enjoyed spending time with our genie. For the Anthem, I'm hoping it means we will actually be able to do the bumper cars and such - the other times we've been on the ship, the lines were ridiculously long and we missed the bumper cars entirely. Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous time on 11/3. I hope you will share your thoughts when you get back!
  7. Hi! We are sailing on Anthem for the holidays and will be staying in a Star Class suite. We have sailed on the Allure in a Star Class level suite and it was fabulous. In reading some of the reviews of the Anthem genies, early reviews weren't always positive. I'm hoping someone here might have recent experience with the Anthem genies. What were your experiences? Who was your genie? Were you happy? Just trying to get my expectations in line with reality! :confused:Thank you so much for your help!
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