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  1. We were lucky and squeezed one in on 02/23/20. It was bizarre. We flew into Puerto Rico on 2/22/20 and everything was fine. We heard some rumors of it getting a little dicey on the West Coast, but no real concerns. While we were out to sea we watched as things kind of exploded. There was a rumor that the other ship that left out of San Juan the same day as us was turned away from a port because a crew member had a flu-like illness. No issues on our cruise, but when we got back to San Juan there was a woman traveling in a full CDC type Hazmat suit. It was like leaving and returning
  2. I broke down and booked one for July. If it works out, great. If not, we will push it. Hoping to be vaccinated by then.
  3. Following along. I'm on the 2/23 Epic sailing.
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