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  1. Actually, we will be gone for 4 weeks. We are doing a cruise tour and will be going to Macchu Picchu before we board the Coral Princess. Then, after we disembark in Buenos Aires, we are flying to Iguazu to see the falls and the San Ignacio Jesuit ruins (as in the movie "The Mission"). Longest trip we have taken (so far). I just retired 2 years ago and we are having a having a great time traveling!
  2. Thank you steelers36!! This is our fourth different cruise line this year. Each time we try a new one, we have much to learn and the CC community has been immensely helpful! Since we will only have two devices, I think 2 individual plans would be the best bet so we can both be online at the same time. We put them in our cart and will pull the trigger closer to our departure date.
  3. This is our first cruise on Princess (Coral Princess 14 night So. America - Feb 6 2020) and we are trying to decide what internet package is best for us and when is the best time to buy it. We will only be using two phones (no tablets). 1. How does the 4 device package work? Can we share that plan for our two phones, or do we need to buy two individual pkgs if we want simultaneous access? 2. Our Personalizer shows package prices of $14.99 per day for 4-device pkg, and $99.99 for individual pkg. (We have no status with Princess, so no discount for us.) From your experience, are these pre-cruise prices the same or better than what we would pay onboard? 3. If the pre-cruise offers are better than onboard pricing, are they available all the way up to departure, or are they limited time offers? (No mention of this online.) Trying to figure out timing since just booked our shore excursions. We would rather wait a bit before purchasing internet package(s), if possible. For those who have prior experience with MedallionNet packages, any other info or advice you have to offer would be most appreciated.
  4. So does this look like about right?? Day 1 Embarkation Day 2 At Sea **Gala Night #1** Day 3 Glacier Bay Day 4 Haines Day 5 Juneau Day 6 Ketchikan **Gala Night #2** Day 7 Inside Passage (last night of cruise) Day 8 Disembarkation And thanks for the tip about the crab trio in the MDR. Here's hoping the king crab legs in the Pinnacle Grill are much better!
  5. I am so glad I found your post!! We are booked for the HAL Triple Denali cruise tour starting in Fairbanks on August 21 and I have a bunch of questions. The HAL website is abysmal so finding details is quite a challenge. I have so many questions, but I will start with this one... We have purchased a 2 night specialty dining package, however we want to make sure we don't book them on a Gala Night. Which night(s) were the Gala Nights on your cruise? Did you eat in the MDR on the Gala Nights, and if so, did they serve any lobster? Just want to make sure we don't miss out!! :D:D Looking forward to reading more about your experiences! Linda & Ron San Diego, CA
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