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  1. I made a posting earlier to review tours provided to us by Tours with Xuan. I'm amazed a some of the things that have been posted since. I want to make something perfectly clear and it will be the last posting I do on this subject. I was not asked by anyone to make that post. I was not paid by anyone to make that post. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form to make that posting. Normally I don't do any reviews. However, I was so impressed (blown away) by the service we received that I truly feel he deserved the accolades. I was not saying that others should only use his service.
  2. Normally my spouse and I like to go out on our own when we travel to different countries. Recently we travelled to several locations in Vietnam (via cruise ship) and we decided that this time we would like in to organized tours. We were extremely lucky and hooked up with four other couples on organized tours in Dang Nang, Na Trang and Ho Chi Ming City. The very best part was the tour guide was the very same person for all three locations. This brings me to the reason for my review of Tours by Xuan. This was probably one of the best travel decisions we have ever made. Let’s start with Xuan
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