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  1. Thanks FastPitchDad -- that's exactly the info that I needed!!!!
  2. Yes, I was hoping for something right at the airport (senior, dragging a cruise suitcase after a very long day of travel with a few transfers. I know I'm going to be physically very wiped out. I was hoping to minimize having to call & then wait for a shuttle -- especially if planes are delayed and I end up getting in very late..
  3. Off topic, but this reminded me of a prior cruise. When our kids were teens, we'd book them into an interior cabin across the hall from our cabin. I'd always get an extra key for their cabin. They never knew when Mom would check compliance with curfew or check if they were keeping their cabin tidy. Imagine my shock when I used my key one afternoon to check their cabin, turned on the light...and discovered one of my high school sons in bed with a college girl.... When I had A TALK WITH HIM, he told me that my instructions to the kids were not to go into anyone else's cabin. I had apparently neglected to add that no one should be invited into their cabin, never mind the other stuff 😬. Yeah...that kid is now a lawyer LOL.
  4. Not sure if this is the right thread, but I'm hoping someone who has used the Port of Bayonne can give me a quick suggestion. It's been awhile since I've cruised out of Bayonne. I'll have one suitcase. What would be an appropriate tip for the porter when I drop off my suitcase?
  5. I was browsing the RCL app for my upcoming Anthem cruise, and saw a notice that they will be selling WOW bands on the 1st day. I saw a post from 2018 that said the WOW band ($4.95) worked the same as a Sign & Sail card as a room key and for charging drinks. Are they still $4.95, and are they really a benefit? I've never minded carrying a card, so I'm trying to understand whether the wristbands are useful or not.
  6. Interestingly, I didn't get a Royal Up invitation to bid this time (solo, in a JS -- same agent that I usually use). I have gotten invitations when cruising with someone else with no problem. I went to the site by myself and put in a bid...but then I was also locked out once when I wanted to see if the bid range had changed. I was told it was a "glitch."
  7. I've cruised to AK on Celebrity, NCL and HAL (widow-67). I cruise a lot w/RCL, and our family had cruised a lot with Carnival in the past. I also wasn't a fan of Celebrity. I prefer a more informal style, and (just bad luck) met some pretentious, unfriendly people on Celebrity. I also wasn't crazy about my NCL cruise in AK, although their prices are usually good. The NCL cruise had some cold & rainy weather, so passengers were inside a lot. The ship felt very crowded. Weather in AK is always a gamble though. On that NCL cruise, sometimes port time was barely enough for one excursion. I learned that it's really important in AK to compare times in port when looking at choices. Ideally, you want to have time to explore the port AND take at least one excursion. I liked my HAL cruise in AK so much that I booked another HAL cruise to AK in 9/20. About 25 years ago, I renewed vows with my spouse in a service in the Russian Orthodox church in Sitka. I fell in love with Sitka, and HAL is one of the few cruise lines that stops there now. I've heard RCL is adding it next year. It's a tradeoff, since going to Sitka usually means dropping one of the other ports. Anyway, my HAL cruise was lower key, good food, friendly passengers, and just a great trip. Passengers were a little older, but overall there was a mix of ages. Note - HAL has a separate pier and doesn't depart from the downtown Seattle terminal. That's not a big deal except you might consider it when planning any pre-cruise hotel or transportation.
  8. Congratulations! Can I ask approx. what was your successful bid? I have one that's still pending for a Feb cruise...not optimistic, but eternally hopeful.
  9. People say that it's possible. I've always gotten my rejections at the last minute (very late on the night before I cruise). I check how much the next category of cabin would be when I make my reservation, and weigh whether to upgrade when booking. I usually book a balcony or a JS at least 6 mos.+ before the cruise. When Royal Up opens for bidding, I don't bid for any upgrade that would cost more than if I had just bought it in the first place. My bids usually are in the mid-range of "fair." The odds of getting into a balcony from an interior cabin appear better, esp. on big ships where there are more cabins. I guess that the odds when trying to bid up into the suites are much lower, since the percentage of suites is lower. We've also heard that Royal Up bidding is offered (marketing purposes? for last minute cancellations?) even when ships are at capacity. It's great hearing from the winners, but I suspect there are many more losers. That doesn't stop me from trying 😀.
  10. Good tips - something I hadn't thought much about (I'll be taking another cruise in 2 weeks). I ran low on one of my meds on a Mediterranean cruise last October. I was traveling with one of my kids who is a clinical pharmacist. He dragged me into a pharmacy in Greece, and spoke to the pharmacist. It turned out my prescription medicine is actually available over the counter in Greece, for about the same price! Anyway, it makes sense to bring at least one extra week of pills. Thanks for all the ideas!
  11. Like Island Lady, I usually get my rejections very late at night or early in the morning of the day that I cruise. I'm usually in a JS bidding for a GS. The odds of an empty GS in the Royal Up pool are probably lower just based on the number of them on the ship, but you never know 😀.
  12. Thanks - this helps. Arrival after 2 flights is scheduled around 9 pm or so...but with delays & time to get luggage, I'm not optimistic.
  13. That's a great site - thank you very much! Can't share balcony, although it's a great idea. I put the kids' cabin as far away as I could-- frankly, I was surprised they agreed to spend a rare vacation week with me so I don't want to jinx it LOL.
  14. I had my 1st Oosterdam cruise to AK about 3 years ago, and had a wonderful time. I usually cruise with RCL, although over the years I've cruised on Carnival (8 times), Celebrity (1 time) & NCL (3 times). I had a Neptune suite the 1st time on Oosterdam and was amazed at its size and comfort compared to JS suites on RCL. Since I was booking two cabins for this cruise (bringing a kid & his wife), I went with balcony cabins. Can someone give me an idea what to expect with a balcony cabin on Eurodam? Is it the equivalent of a balcony cabin on RCL? It's been about 25 years since I cruised on a ship of this size LOL. Any special tips about Eurodam? My kid & his wife chose the ship based on its itinerary and the dates.
  15. Have my 3rd solo cruise booked in a few weeks for a 67 birthday, and another in the Fall (widow). Our family had cruised frequently for many years when the kids were growing up. I decided I didn't want to stop having vacations, and cruises are my go-to for the easiest & most comfortable way to travel. Since I've been to all of the ports already, now I just enjoy the sun, the ocean, meeting a few people & reading. One of my kids (early 30s) isn't married and sometimes travels solo. While he's taken a girlfriend on a cruise, he actually prefers adventures...such as renting cars & driving around Iceland and Scotland with no itinerary. He's accompanied me to Ireland and Greece, and cringed about getting on a tour bus. Different strokes for different folks...LOL.
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