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  1. Thank you so much to the cruisers who told me what they encountered! I'm glad that I can pack lighter clothes, since it means more of them will fit in the suitcase LOL.
  2. Thanks, Iancal. I might pack more than one sweater and an extra pair of pants (I have severe cold urticaia), but you list makes a lot of sense.
  3. CruiseMom -- I have to thank you again! That Almanac link is exactly what I needed and I wouldn't have found it without your help. It appears we'll be there as weather is cooling, with an average 10-degree variation from the beginning of our trip to the end. I have a health issue affected by temp variations, so this will definitely help my packing plans.
  4. Thank you for the useful site and tips on drilling down to getmore detailed information. That's extremely helpful!! We'll be going to Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Athens, in addition to Naples and Rome. I'm trying to pack efficiently since we'll be in Rome for a few days in addition to 9 days on a cruise ship. We're not a small family (sons are 6'6" and 6'7", for ex.) so it doesn't take much to fill a suitcase LOL.
  5. The problem is that a month's range is so wide. I'd expect the end of the month to be a lot cooler than the beginning of the month, with a 4-week spread. The travel books are also inconsistent. That's why I'm hoping to nail it down a little better by hearing from people who traveled in October..
  6. Can someone tell me their experience with weather during the 1st two weeks of October? I've looked at various sites and travel books, and they either disagree or only give the weather averaged across the whole month. I don't want to overpack with sweaters, jeans and light jackets, if shorts/t-shirt will work. And does it ever rain there? I've never seen pictures of cold, wet tourists in the Greek islands...
  7. Just went to the Cruise Planner, and discovered the "All Prints Pkg" for my 9-night Mediterranean cruise that I bought yesterday for $228.74 is now $243.99. The 15-print pkg that was $175 is now on sale for $195.19. The packages are both described as being for prints. (I won't be surprised if it's for the paper prints, with an upcharge onboard for digital prints.) Looks like it's worth checking periodically for sales on these packages, just like excursions and other RCL items.
  8. The photo pkg pricing just showed up for my Mediterranean cruise leaving within 40 days. The unlimited photo pkg was $228.74 and a 15 photo package was around $175. I went ahead and splurged on the unlimited photo pkg since this is a 9-day bucket list cruise. I have another Caribbean cruise booked in a few months, and the photo pkgs aren't showing up yet for that one. The photo packages showed up in the Cruise Planner with the internet packages. On my last Royal cruise with my kids, I didn't buy a photo package. I anticipated buying only one posed photo of the family. The lines to get posed photos (even with multiple photo stations) were so long that we would have missed our assigned dinner time if we waited....I guess the people who bought the photo packages were determined to get their money's worth LOL.
  9. My TA said no -- commission based only on the booking, not on after-market sales by Royal (Royal-up bids, Royal excursons, onboard purchases etc.) At least - that's his agency's arrangement.
  10. Thank you! The answers have been very helpful! Can't believe I've finally hit my 30-day count-down
  11. Just verifying - does the "no tipping" policy also apply to hotel maids? Or hotel concierage? Is tipping EVER expected - if so, under what circumstances? And a slightly different question -- our prepaid hotel confirmation in Rome mentioned an 8 Euro tax per night that will be collected during our stay as an add-on. Can this tax be paid by credit card? Does it count as a VAT tax if planning to apply for a refund?
  12. There is a lunch on embarkation day at Chops (limited hours) that you can purchase online in your cruise planner, or for people who purchase the Key. When I purchased it for our late September cruise, many of the time slots were already full. I doubt that there will be many walk-up openings.
  13. I am not familiar with a suite podium for MyTime dining, a waiver of room service fees (but I don't use room service) and have never been given the option of ordering from the MDR menu when I cruise in a JS (I understand your desire for more space -- my sons are 6'6 & 6'7 LOL). I have another one booked in Feb, so I'll be interested in reading the answers that you get from others who have cruised recently in a JS. The JS cabin is definitely more spacious. I like the roomy walk-in closet and the tub/shower definitely is roomier than the usual shower cube. You can check in quicker, which could be helpful depending on the crowd when you check in. My favorite perk is the larger balcony, with two loungers instead of those two tiny chairs. I've read that not all JS have them, but I've always had loungers when I've booked a JS. The little coffeemaker always looks a little musty to me, so I've never used it. As Clarea mentioned (my goodness - that's a LOT of posts!), you'll get double points (triple when cruising solo in a JS). IMO, the biggest perk is the roominess that you'll get.
  14. Thanks --but going back to my question, is there a place where we can find the current list of ships & shows? It's not on the RCL site.
  15. Is there any place where we can find a list of current shows by ship without hunting through reviews? I have cruises coming up on Jewel (October 19) and Anthem (Feb 20). Thanks!
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