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  1. Hi everyone! I haven’t checked this forum for so many months! We had to postpone all our trips and it was a real stress for me. Very much hope we will be able to cruse in spring 2021! Yes, that’s correct – I also got a mail from Best Guides with the link to the Facebook page. We all enjoyed their Antivirus Sightseeing tour. I very much hoped to see one of our St. Petersburg guides but – sorry!- I’m afraid not. It looks like they have plenty of guides… We liked this part … Russian Vodka part 😊 https://www.facebook.com/BestGuides.StPetersburg/videos/179033873137350/ Hi Nok977! Yes, I agree Arts and History tour could be better choice then Best of the Best. I love Faberge museum so much! Jess 😊
  2. Best of the Best is their most popular itinerary. There is another one “Arts & History Grand Tour” which looks nice to me. It includes Faberge museum and IMHO it’s one of the most interesting museums in St. Petersburg. There are 4 places in St. Petersburg which impressed me most of all: the Hermitage museum, Catherine palace, Peterhof fountains and Faberge museum. Jess
  3. Hi Romalia Your tour tickets look good for me. As far as I remember we had something very similar to it. We also provided our passport numbers, date sof birth, & citizenship etc. to Best Guides :) No problems. Jess
  4. Sorry! I don’t know. We signed for Best of the Best Tour. Just ask Best Guides…. And check their website – you can book Happy Tour with and without lunches…. Russian vodka is great but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have vodka (even with ice cream) instead of a lunch :))) Jess
  5. April is definitely not a high season. Such a situation could happen in the end of May or in June…. but not in April. Just try to get in touch with another company. I’m also not a big fan of Catherine Palace but it’s a must see place. Jess.
  6. Boat tour would be good in case of good weather. Take a small private boat. Afterwards get an outside table in Gastronomika restaurant. It’s my favorite restaurant in St. Petersburg. It’s not as expensive as restaurants in Grand Hotel Europe, but it’s really great: fantastic view, charming atmosphere and very!!! tasty 😄 Jess
  7. Thank you Twruger for the info! Very useful. Do you have an idea how much time will we need in Aix? We will have 9 hour in the port of Marseille and plan to go to Aix. The question is – will we have enough time to visit one more town - Avignon or Cassis? Or may be Saint-Remy…. I hate to be in a rush but from another side it’s my only chance to see this region. Thank you! Jess
  8. What do you think about trains from Marseille to Aix? It’s only 12-15 min. 12,8 euro. Of course you still need to get from the port to the train station …. I’ve never been to Marseille. I'm just doing research on the internet https://travel.b-europe.com/onlytrain/travel/booking?autoactivatestep2=true&origin=FRMSC&dest=FRAIE&traveltype=OneWay&outbound=01%2F02%2F2020&outboundt=9&comfortclass=2&nrofadults=2&nrofyoungsters18=0&nrofyoungsters12=0&nrofseniors=0&nrofkids0=0&nrofkids4=0&nrofkids6=0&maxnroftransfers=&greenpoints=&tcp=&ecp=&icp=&fcp=&usediscount=false&useftpcards=false?utm_source=Onlytrain&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_content=&utm_campaign=WhiteLabelsales#Outbound Thanks! Jess
  9. Thank you! What will be better for us to use trains or to rent a car? We both are good drivers and enjoy driving, but hate traffic jams… Jess
  10. Thank you so much! I’ve checked trains from Marseille to Avignon and also found the express train (35 min). Not bad but taking in consideration that we have only 9 hours in Marseille I’m afraid to spend too much time in all those trains, train stations, cars and car rentals… By the way train to Aix takes only 12-13 min. 😊 Any way please let me know if you find something interesting. Thank you! Jess
  11. We’ve rented bikes in Copenhagen. It wasn’t easy to say the least. On the first day I felt really confused as the bike traffic was too busy for me. There were special streetlights just for bikes and I realized that only at the end of the first day. I still don’t know how I survived on that day. Don’t even think to let kids of 5 or 8 bike in the city. No chance. In a rent shop there were a few bikes with special bicycle seats for kids of different age. I think it’s exactly what you need. Jess.
  12. You are so lucky! It’s the best port in Stockholm, I mean it has the best location. You won’t have any problems to walk to the historical center (Gamla Stan). We docked in Nynäshamn and had to take a train to the city center. Jess
  13. Being tourists we probably stayed all the time in tourists areas 😊 Actually St. Petersburg looked for me very navigable. It was as easy as Copenhagen or any other European cities. Any way it’s much more navigable then Beijing. I’ve been to China….. There is one thing I know for sure. If someone manage to navigate in Beijing he wouldn’t have problems in any of European cities… even in St. Petersburg 😊 A year ago we got Russian visas and flew to St. Petersburg from Paris. It was an experience! We both enjoyed it a lot! Jess
  14. Hi yoolykeme For me St. Petersburg looks quite navigable and understandable. Names of the streets are doubled in English, central metro stations has English signs, public transport is rather cheap and works perfectly, many young people speak English. At least all staff in all the restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and museums I’ve been to spoke English well enough to understand me. I’ve visited St. Petersburg three times that’s why it looks so easy for me. But! Don’t even dream to get inside Catherine Palace or Grand Palace in Petergof without a guided tour. No chance. You will spend a few hours in a line and after that won’t get inside. If you buy tickets to the Hermitage in advance you will probably get inside after ½ hour of waiting in a line. You have a good chance to get inside of St. Isaac’s and Spilt Blood. There will be lines… Just be ready to wait 30-40 min at worst. Private tours are never cheap and couldn’t be cheap. I think for a solo traveler it would be smart to join one of numerous small group tours organized by local operators. You can check website of All Tours, TJ, Spb tour, Best Guides. The size of the groups are 12 to 16 people. We’ve been to St. Petersburg with Best Guides and were more than happy. Any way if you managed to navigate in Beijing St. Petersburg won’t be a problem for you 😊 Good luck! Jess
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