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  1. Your statement has validity, I experienced a lesser quality of food beginning in 2000 on a cruise ship. Recently dining has been great and mediocre, on a Carnival Dream cruise the food in the MDR was superb. Conversely, under the same umbrella, on the Ruby Princess the food was rather poor in the MDR. If you have good food in the MDR, I see no point in expending more funds to eat in the alternative dining rooms. We eat in the MDR at every opportunity, and only use the buffet when necessary. Table service one reason we cruise.
  2. I recall the midnight buffet as a better visual experience more than a eating delight. The displays of food looked good, but tasted bland; the current late night offerings are far better in selection an quality.
  3. Thank you all for the great responses! I look forward to trying both Sabatinis and the Crown Grill, the price sounds reasonable. I enjoy being served at breakfast.
  4. I plan to cruise on the Golden Princess this summer, first time on a Princess line and I want to know if you can eat breakast and lunch in the MDR? What are the fees for the alternative restaurants onboard and your opinion of the quality? Thank you!
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