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  1. I called and was able to do it just for our son. Online you must pay for everyone in the cabin.
  2. Just off the Escape a couple weeks ago and it was the same price. I was however able to buy an arcade pass just for our son for $8/day. Pool tables/Darts/Basketball/Racing/shooting/air hockey are all included in this pass. Our 13 year old loved that he could play pool all he wanted without worrying about blowing a budget. They say there is a limit of swipes within a certain amount of time but we never had an issue of getting locked out.
  3. I would imagine that is fleet wide. It seemed to be anything that didn't give out tickets was included with the exception of the bowling in O'Sheehans. At 2.20 per game for Pool you will definitely get your monies worth if you spend anytime there. I want to say woe would play 4 or 5 games at a time and would let someone else play if we noticed someone waiting. There were also 2 pool tables so there was usually always one available.
  4. Those games were not part of the unlimited package. Which is understandable. Kids would clean house just racking up the tickets if they could. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Forums mobile app
  5. On the escape. Most yellow games were anywhere from 1.65-2.20 per play. The green games also same range. So do the math 4-5 swipes and it pays for itself. We have played a lot of pool at O'Sheehans. We have definitely gotten our monies worth Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Forums mobile app
  6. Looking thru the photos of the Escape on cruise critic. Skeeball in both arcade and O'Sheehans are green machines. That's the ship I will be on next week. So looks like putting balls in holes is gonna happen. Lol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Forums mobile app
  7. I was just able to add this to our upcoming 7 day cruise for just my son. We are leaving this coming Sunday on the Escape. Online I had to add it for all in the room(3 of us. 2 adults who likely would not play), but a simple call to NCL and the rep I spoke to was able to add it for just my son at a cost of $56($8/day). Rather than the $168 that the online reservation would have charged. The rep did comment that the calls have been very frequent for this new product they are offering. Worth a shot to make the call. What is the worst they can say "sorry but you do have to add it to everyone". Now we can sail with ease knowing we won't see a 200-300 charge in the Arcade.
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