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    how long is typical check-in at Barcelona airport?

    We flew out of barcelona airport 4/6/12 arrived at airport at 0800 for a 1140 british airways flight to london bus dropped us off at the ground floor and check in desk,s were open .do not know if celebrity had some arrangement with airline,s or not but very unusal for desk,s to be open that early.
  2. scottish


    I am so glad I looked to see if other CC folk knew the Flavia. As a 12 year old I spent 6 weeks aboard her with my parents and 2 sisters sailing from Adelaide, Australia to Southampton, England in 1967. My first cruise which I loved every minute of. The Suez Canal was closed at the time and so we sailed round the Cape of Good Hope. Thinking back, she handled the, sometimes, very big seas extremely well. Will always remember our Crossing the Equator Ceremony in her Pool which had an underwater window that you could view from a deck below. Thank you all for sharing your memories.
  3. scottish

    best seats in BA World Traveler Plus?

    Like Gardyloo, we would be happy with any 2 at the sides - on any of the BA aircraft. However, of these, we are not too fussy about the bulkhead seats due to the location of the tv in the seat arm rest and we have sometimes found the legroom less than the seats behind. Furthermore, these bulkhead seats often have bassinette shelves for babies and I have been informed that if you choose these seats, BA are at liberty to reallocate them to passengers travelling with very young children.
  4. scottish

    best seats in BA World Traveler Plus?

    Hi I was interested in this thread because WTP is our preferred class of BA seating. We have never managed to get seat assignments from BA at time of booking when we have used cruise air. Can you tell me what cruise line has this arrangement with BA? Thanks
  5. scottish

    Need jewelry repair in St. Thomas

    I would also recommend going back to the jewelry store. A few years ago, part of the opal inlay in a ring I purchased in St Thomas fell out and was lost. I could not get it repaired at home. To be frank, the stores at home dont stock ring designs such as I can buy in St Thomas. Anyway, the following year I was back in St Thomas and went back to the store with the damaged ring. I had the receipt and since I wanted to purchase another ring, the staff member discounted my negotiated price of the new ring by the amount I had paid for the old one. I felt that this was a satisfactory outcome. I do believe that the stores want to retain their reputation and will help as best they can. Good luck.
  6. scottish

    BA seat reservation problem..what next Globaliser ?

    Thanks for your response. Are you flying November 2009 or November 2010? If its this year, then RCCL will have already issued your tickets and BA have advised us that once that is done they are able to take pre assigned seating requests. RCCL have told us our tickets wont be raised until around end Feb since we fly to Dubai April 2010. On the other hand, if you aren't flying to Miami until next year, then I will be back on the phone to BA.
  7. scottish

    BA seat reservation problem..what next Globaliser ?

    we are flying with british airways to dudia april 2010 flights booked with RCCL (not group booking) and are in the same position cannot pre select seats till RCCL issue tickets even though we paid to upgrade to wt+ RCCL will not issue tickets till about 55 days before the cruise.so by that time all the best seats will be gone and we could end up not sitting together totally unfair ,as we are booked so far out we feel we are getting penalised british airways and the cruise lines NEED to get together to sort this mess out now as it will only put people off from flying with british airways who are now trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of their passengers
  8. scottish

    Thomas cook flights unable to book seats

    Wondered what area of the airline industry your contact is in. We are flying premier on a P&O charter in November (booked April 08) and when we contacted P&O flight centre last week, they are adamant that they do not pre-allocate the seats - they will be allocated at check in. I noticed too that P&O state in their brochure that "we do not pre-allocate seats". Like you I dont want to be separated but also would just like to know the true procedure. Margaret
  9. Deck - 10 Cabin # - 1073 Class – CC2 Starboard or Port Side - Port Bed near (balcony or bath) – balcony Quiet Cabin – Yes Balcony View - no obstructions ... great views forward and aft Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - normal Was wind a problem? no If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? none Any other comments? great location ... near stairs and elevators Noticed on this mediterranean cruise that port side rarely faced dock while in ports of call.
  10. scottish

    Lost the Seating Plan for Solstice MDR

    If you have no objections Jerry I would be grateful if you could also send a copy of the MDR plan to me mcruiser@btinternet.com Many thanks
  11. We did a partial transit of the Panama on the Coral Princess (sister to the Island) and had a really memorable and wonderful cruise. Great ship, mind boggling canal workmanship and too short a cruise (10 days!!). Will do a full transit sometime in the next year or two. These ships are built for the canal transit, go ahead and enjoy!!
  12. scottish

    Princess Arranged Air Travel UK(London) - Miami

    As we are from the UK, we have flown a few times with Princess Air from London to Miami. Our experiences have always been the same. Direct flight from London Heathrow to Miami on British Airways, Princess' preferred carrier. They usually want you to stay overnight at a hotel in Miami the evening before the cruise. Actual flight details are not available until around 11 months prior to flying and we have had to wait until then to upgrade seats. It is also possible to request another carrier e.g. AA or Virgin via Princess.