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  1. Finally I go my money back thru credit card dispute.
  2. Glad you did not get scammed. They emailed me a few times afterwards asking for my Paypal account and bank account for direct deposit. I give them nothing. My credit card bank is handling this dispute now.
  3. Correction - The car rental company in Lazarote dock Tourist Information center is CABRERA MEDINA. I booked from their internet site. Agent at rental counter did not ask for my driver licence or passport. They have my driver licence information during online booking. I am surprised that agent did not check my ID etc. I suppose the island is so small that I can't hide.
  4. Lanzarote - The cicar car rental is inside Tourist information center. You work out of dock area. Following CITY CENTER sign. Walk 5 minutes, you will see Tourist Information center on your right hand side. Big building you can't miss it. There is no shuttle bus and taxi driver would not take you to Tourist info center because it is a very short walk. Funchal : our Spirit docked right next to "Funchal cruise terminal" . Search "funchal cruise terminal" on google map. Inside funchal cruise terminal building, there is a cafe on 2nd floor. They let you use their wifi if you buy something. If you are a European football fan. There is a CR7 hotel and CR7 Museum about 5 minute talk from dock. I find Nuns Valley very impressive. Nuns Valley is like Grand Canyon you have to be there to experience it. I highly recommend nuns valley. My Vadafone pre-pay SIM which I got in Barcelona does not work with in Funchal on Data, no LTE no 3G in Funchal.
  5. For Malaga port, there is shuttle bus to take you from ship to dock entrance for about 2 Euro each way. We chose to walk, there are shops and restaurants along the way, it is a short walk. We took a van taxi from Malaga dock to Gibalfaro castle for 20 Euro shared by 8 people . From Gibalfaro castle we walked to Alcazaba. It is a down hill walk. If you go to Alcazaba first, then it would be a step up hill walk to Gibalfaro. Bettter let taxi climb the hill to Gibalfaro.
  6. For Arrecife Lanzarote. Spirit docked at red circle. Blue circle is Tourist info center, inside there is Cicar car rental counter.
  7. I filed a dispute with my credit card company. I have all the email so support my dispute. No way I give them my bank account.
  8. I made a payment for 2 people for 24-01-2019 8AM pick up at cruise port using my Mastercard. 5 hours later my card was compromised. "Deccameron all inclusiv Barcelona" billed me $1246 USD thru a telephone transaction. I got instant notification for any transaction bill to my card. Days later, world.airport.transfer email me that driver can only pick me up at 7AM instead of 8AM, signed by Xyron, Travel Consultant, City Discovery - VELTRA Customer Service` So I requested my booking to be cancelled and refund my money. World.airport.transfer send me the following email. Seems they want to scam more fund out of me. Since then I have file dispute with my creditcard bank. Regretfully, your reservation under SRxxxx is cancelled and we tried to refund the amount but we encountered an error because we changed our payment gateway. IN this case, we need the following details in order to refund via bank transfer: "■BENE.'S NAME ■ADDRESS ■Telephone number ■A/C NO ■Bank Name . ■Bank SWIFT ■Bank ADDRESS ■Bank Currency
  9. We were on Spirit Jan 11-24. For Arrecife, Lanzarote, we rental a car for 50 Euro including tax and insurnace . Walk out of dock area, follow City Centre sign, walk for about 5 minutes. You will see Tourist Information Centre. Car rental is in Tourist info centre. We visited Mirador del Rio, Jameos del Agua under ground lake, cave, Cueva de los Verdes (skip this, waste of time) , Timanfaya National Park all in one day. For Las Palmas Grand Canaria, we hired a taxi. You need to barin with drivers. For Tenerife, I booked with Nacho (taxi) nachosvipservice@icloud.com He is very knowledge and straight forward guy. No tricks/games with tourists.
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