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  1. This is great news - Hubbie thought I was crazy for packing towels so he will be so glad!
  2. Hi all. Excited for our first VV cruise this Saturday 1/27 on Valiant Lady. This might be a ridiculous question but I’ve noticed that our excursions list ‘towel’ as one of the items to bring. Should I pack our own towels from home or will we be allowed to bring one from the ship?
  3. Hello All - Looking forward to our first VV cruise in 21 days - Ports are in: Tortola - Guadeloupe - Barbados - St. Lucia - Antigua Please let me know if USD are ok for all or if I should get EUR for any. And a recommendation for how much would be a safe amount to get ahead of time. Cynthia
  4. I have our dinner at The Wake scheduled for our first night and plan to try to see the 10pm Miss Behave Show - Do you expect us to have trouble getting reservations for that show? I see that all of the shows say 'Book on Board' which is a bit stressful for someone like me who is used to doing things in advance.
  5. Hello - I am making my reservations for our upcoming Valiant Lady cruise - I have all my dinners scheduled at 6:15pm - But I just noticed some night shows start at 8:00 and others at 8:15pm. What is your opinion on making it on time for those?
  6. Looking forward to our first VV cruise in Jan on board the Valiant Lady. One of my challenges when packing is going from the heat of outdoors to the overwhelming air conditioning indoors. Can someone tell me if they tend to keep it on the cold-side in the restaurants and clubs? Would hate to have on my cute red dress only to have to cover it all up with sweatshirts and sweatpants just to be comfy. I found it unbearably cold during shows on all of the other cruise ships I've been on. such a pet peeve of mine!
  7. Hello - We'll be taking our first VV cruise on Jan 27th on the Valiant Lady - Southeast Caribbean 7 nights - I'm trying to prep my dining and show reservations and was wondering when to expect the Scarlet Night and PJ Night so I can work around them for dinner etc. What time are these events? Any guidance you can give would be appreciated.
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