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  1. Hi, I would like to know if anyone has done this tour and if you think it is worth it since you don’t get much time, between approx 51/2 hours traveling back and forth, and another hour or 2 with the shuttle up to the Abbey, depending on where they park the bus. Do you think you had enough time to actually look around. Thank You
  2. Yes you can use your OBC credit for shore excursions, just buy them with your CC now, then when on board credit your card and use your credits, easy!!! Just did this.
  3. Hi Can anyone tell us how they enjoyed there Signature suite, and since we are departing from Fort Lauderdale how rocky was it at the front of the ship. Any other info would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  4. Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they offer the Ernesto burger anywhere else on the majestic, since they don’t have salty dog. Thank you
  5. Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone ordered the balcony dinner on the majestic princess on the Australia New Zealand cruise. Thank you
  6. Is this available on the majestic. I appreciate your quick reply, I’ll book as soon as I get on, going to Aus!New Zealand in Oct. I guess you don’t know about Le Mer. won’t know until I get on the ship.
  7. Hi could any one tell me if they ever had lunch in La Mer, they say they offer it, but I’ve seen no reviews good or bad. Also any one try Winemakers special Dinner. Thank you
  8. Can anyone tell me if there is a pub lunch on the Majestic, as there is on the Royal and Regal. Thank you all.
  9. ;Soooo Sorry, but there are no free sauna/steam rooms. There is only the enclave and the enclave can only be purchased for the whole cruise, not even day passes.
  10. Can you please tell me if OBC can be used for bingo or in the casino. Thank you
  11. Hi, Does anyone have any information on the cost of kayaking on the seabourn Quest in antartica, I read it was 950.00, but it did not explain if that was the cost of one tour or maybe for a set of tours. Any information would be greatly appreciated, also can you tell me if it is extremely difficult to get in the kayaks. Thank you. Lucille
  12. Hi everyone, Has anyone been on a kayaking excursion on seabourn Quest? I was curious if you need experience kayaking prior to this cruise, also, how difficult is it. Thank you, all information would be greatly appreciated. Lucille
  13. Hi everyone, My husband and I will be on the seabourn guest on December 20, 2018. I was wondering if anyone had done the optional kyakking tours and if you needed previous experience on a kyak to participate, also could you tell me if the kyakking was difficult in the Antarctic waters. All information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lucille
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