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  1. Probably. They have a new technique--one person holds the two lounges while the other goes to eat, then they switch.
  2. I wouldn't put it past some of those people. Someone, at the beginning of the ATW, took a bunch of needlepoint kits and was selling them on her Ebay site. She must have told someone and they notified Oceania. People were so crazed about grabbing as many kits as they could, the Social Hostess had to start having people sign up and come up to the bar in Horizons a few at a time to choose a kit. Ray Carr even mentioned, in his daily announcements, that the ladies needed to behave themselves at needlepoint. I went one day and was number four in line, but when I signed my name, I was number 15. The women in front of me were signing up for their "friends playing bridge" at the same time as needlepoint. Then, all of a sudden, lots of husbands took an interest in needlepoint and showed up to get "their" kits. I have been on over ten O cruises, and have never seen such silly behavior!!
  3. Leslie has always been our favorite. We saw his rendition of "If I Was a Rich Man" over ten years ago. He did it on a segment of the ATW in April. So much fun to see him do it again. Trivia can be scary. I have seen a few sessions turn into screaming matches. The worst thing I witnessed was on the above mentioned cruise. A man would come to the time period when the daily Mensa answers where being given out. He would always have four copies of the questions, without answers. He would quickly fill in the answers as Leslie read them off. He would then go up to get his O points for him and his "friends".
  4. The port is Miami. The port is in between our hotel and the airport.
  5. Is it ok to drop off our luggage a few hours before our check-in time? We need to take our rental car back to the airport, and were thinking it would be easier to drop the luggage instead of reloading it into a taxi.
  6. katz


    Thanks for your post and congratulations on your weight loss. I have been taking Contrave for four months and have only lost 6 lbs. I still think about food a lot and always feel hungry. I am wondering if this is just not working for me. Thanks for sharing! Have fun on your next cruise.
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. Since we weren't in any of the ship's excursions and have heard there is not a lot to do on this island, we decided to rent a car for the day. We were trying to find a rental company that was either at the pier or close to it.
  8. Anyone happen to know which port Insignia might dock at in Fort de France?
  9. Keep checking with O to see what number you are on the list and if you are moving up the list. Check a few days before and the day of final payment to see if there have been any cancellations. Good luck!!
  10. Recently, we were in 8001. There was noise from the hallway. This cabin is right next to the door that some of the crew uses to go to their cabins. The door would slam and sometimes people would stop to talk to each other. They must change shifts around 5:30 am. We were woken up several times.
  11. Has anyone tried this? If so, what was your experience as far as wright loss and side effects. Thanks,
  12. We stayed in 8000, but on Insignia. We booked late and it was the only penthouse left. I have a terrible time with seasickness and I felt it even more staying in this cabin. I don't know what the difference might be on the bigger ships. We also experience noise from the crew coming and going through the door right next to our cabin. It was not a big deal, but they do start their days early and sometimes the noise of the door and the talking woke us up. I would suggest taking some meds and sea bands just in case.
  13. Does the Marriott have chairs and umbrella for day pass people? How far is it from the cruise port?
  14. Thank you Gail and Jim. I am going to email them tomorrow to make a reservation. I will be sure to tell them you guys sent me.
  15. HI. I am researching things to do in Antigua and found your post. Could you please tell me more about this beach? Do they rent chairs and umbrellas. Is there a restaurant? And are there restroom facilities? Thank you for your help, Kathy
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