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  1. Thanks, Rose. I am now looking forward to the trip.
  2. We received our documents for the Sydney to Tokyo and Tokyo to Singapore legs today!!
  3. katz


    Thanks, Fischymom. I have been on it for a month, up to four pills a day. I do have the fuzzy headed feeling. I have lost only two pounds. I am paying $100 a month. My insurance does not cover the prescription. Do you feel like it is worth the cost? Have you done well with your weight loss? I am still having cravings. How long did the medicine take to "kick in". Thank you, Kathy
  4. katz

    Dinner Reservations

    We are in a PH. Friends are in Cat C1.
  5. katz

    Dinner Reservations

    Thanks Baby Steps. I appreciate your help.
  6. katz

    New Cruise Terminal in Rangoon

    It is a bit of a walk to the gate. The port is very industrial. You might want to check with the cruise line, as there are some strange rules and regulations in the country.
  7. katz


    Has anyone tried this weight loss drug? I would like to know what your experience was. Thanks!
  8. katz

    Dinner Reservations

    We are meeting a couple on board and I would like to make a dinner reservation ahead of time. My question is: We are in different class of cabins. Can I make a reservation online to include them? Or when I make our reservations, asking for a shared table, can they make a reservation for the same time and date if the date and time is still available. Can we be sat at the same table? Thank you for your help.
  9. Oh great, now I have to worry about jellyfish too ;).
  10. We chose to go see the dragons. We have a few beach trips planned. We are doing two segments of the ATW, Sydney to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Singapore.
  11. Do you buy the magnets at an office supply store? What about the ones with hooks?
  12. Thank you, The Cat, for the website. I feel better kind of knowing what to expect. We are going on an excursion with Oceania Cruise Line in March. Also, thank you to everyone for your input. I appreciate it!!
  13. We have book an ship's excursion to the reef on our next cruise. I would like to know what to expect on a typical trip to the reef. I can swim and am 71 years old without any mobility issues. Is this an excursion I should be doing? I know this is silly, but I am afraid of sharks and have this in the back of my mind. Thank you for your help.
  14. I just returned from a Rhine River Christmas Market cruise on AMAKristina and Stella. This was my first AMA river cruise. I have always sailed with Viking. I chose AMA because of the pre-cruise that they offered. We had to do a ship swap in the middle-ish of the cruise because of the water levels in the Rhine Gorge. This involved packing up, taking a two-hour bus trip, then unpacking on the new ship. No ideal, but under the circumstances AMA did they best they could. AMA is a very nice line. Almost everything was inclusive. The ships are modern and clean. Our CD, Betti Keese, was the best. We enjoyed the nightly onboard activities. My only disappointment was the food. I like Viking better. AMA food was just ok, IMO.
  15. katz

    Christmas Markets - Rhine or Danube

    We just returned for a Rhine Christmas Market River cruise. We loved it. There were some issues with water levels. I think that we were the last cruise that had to be bussed and do a ship swap. I can't speak to the Danube, except to say that I asked four- experienced Christmas Market cruisers, who were on this cruise, which river they preferred for Christmas Markets and they all agreed that the Danube was the better one. We booked the Danube for next year. We enjoyed everything about the Rhine cruise. I would check itineraries and decide which cities you would like to visit. There is plenty of time for the markets. Each one has a different flavor, but after a while they all seem to be selling the same items. I would also suggest keeping an eye on river water levels. With global warming, the rivers are not running as high as in the past and most river boats were having trouble making the complete trip--on the Rhine. I was clueless about this and didn't realize what was going on until about a month before our sail date. It caused some worry, but the cruise company was on top of things. Be aware that the markets do not open until the last Sunday in November.