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  1. I bought a cute little battery powered fan at Walmart, it's really to hook onto a stroller. But I clamp it to my coffee table for my hot flashes. It's small enough to fit into a suit case.
  2. I did a GTY balcony on my upcoming cruise and got a BA deck 9.
  3. I also have $50 shore excursion credit, I think you have to call and reserve the excursion then they will apply the credit to your account. Shore excursion number 866-625-1167
  4. Hello fellow cruisers, I'll be in Cozumel Feb. 5th 2020 on the NCL Sun docking at Punta Langosta. I'm doing a ship excursion since I have a $50 credit. Snorkeling at 8:30am for 3.5 hours. Would like to have some authentic mexican food for lunch thinking something like tamales, rice, beans, sopapillas! I used to work at Mexican restaurants back in Oklahoma. Anyway do you know of anything near the pier or would I need to go inland? Will I have time to go inland? Need to be back on board at 4pm my snorkeling excursion should be over by 12-12:30 Thank you, Tracie
  5. I also use Alba, I pick it up at Marshall's or Ross
  6. Hello, I'll be in Cozumel Feb. 5th on NCL Sun we dock at Punta Langosta. I'd like to go to La Choza. I'm doing a snorkeling excursion that starts at 8:30 lasts 3.5 hours. Should be over at noon. I need to be back on board at 4pm would I have enough time to take the taxi and have lunch at La Choza? If not can you recommend an authentic place closer to the pier? Thank you, Tracie
  7. Cabin 9006 Here is a picture of the sharks from above and the rope we hung onto
  8. Very true........they sent their guy down first to check the "mood" of the sharks. But yes there is a risk involved. I did an excursion last spring in Freeport they fed the sharks a large dead fish from the boat and they all came up and had a feeding frenzy it was quite the show.
  9. Hello, that pick was at the end of the swim they attracted them up to the boat. But for our snorkel they had a rope for all us to hold onto and we floated at the top the sharks were down below. We were instructed to hold onto the rope with both hands and do not kick/splash our fins.....to hold still.
  10. Leaving KW there were dark storm clouds all around us Curry Mansion Inn.........they have free self guided walking tours inside The driver of the conch train said the homes in Old KW are 250 years old and were built by ship builders, if you know the history you can tell which ship builder by the ginger bread/trim detail
  11. Day 4 At Sea: I like to get up early and watch the sunrise, take pictures of the different venues when no one is around and make it to the buffet before the masses. Got up had breakfast, funny how time flies when your really not doing much of anything. I brought a book and decided to start reading it today. Went back down the buffet pool area got some ice cream they were starting the Sexiest Man Alive contest which is hilarious. Sat around the pool and boiled while I watched that. Then went back to my cabin and took a cool shower and read more of my book. This day at lunch decided to have Sorrento's pizza it's ok, thin crust pizza. Also had some fried tilapia just ok and mashed potatoes, then went up to the Compass Deli and they had roasted pumpkin soup that was delish. Ate at the buffet this night they had taco night and nachos yummy. Made it to a show tonight, Signed Sealed & Delivered music from the 60,70,80's was cute they did a good job. Then went back out the shopping area was sampling some perfumes trying to decide if I should splurge or not. Love this picture movie night on the pool deck Love this one too, this is the Carnival Sensation pulling up next to us to dock in KW Day 5: Key West Got up early as usual but had to make it to the immigration meeting by 7:15 since we went to the Bahamas first we had immigration on board but the line went fast. Decided to take the Conch Train, I like history and it would be a way to see a lot of KW while sitting down. Bathrooms are few and far between in KW, but the Conch Train store/office has a bathroom. There are public bathrooms in Mallory Square. Got on the train at 9am it was nice it wasn't crowded, the driver narrates as he drives. He stops at the Sails & Rails museum and I wanted to see this too, hopped off went inside which has AC. There is a small sitting area outside with a movie and a small train type room with AC and more info. Really cool museum for $10 and they have a bathroom. The train came back and I got back on and headed back into Old Town. Had a coupon for a free key lime pie with food purchase so I went to Red Fish Blue Fish and has a delicious blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich with seasoned fries and key lime pie that was perfect just enough tart and just enough sweet. After this walked over the Curry Mansion which is now a B&B and they have free self guided tours of the inside and a bathroom! After that mulled around Mallory Square bought some souvenirs walked over to waterfront. I wore my bathing suit and a cover up it rained twice and I walked in the rain which kept me somewhat cooler when the sun came back out. Went back to the ship around 3pm took a cool shower and nap. Got up went to dinner had Tuna tartare was ok, lamb chop I've never had this before it was good but again not much seasoning. I like spicy stuff! Garlic shrimp was the bomb! I ordered two entrees and was glad I did.........I LOVE that garlic shrimp. Had my favorite Tres Leches again. Caught the juggler act and farewell show very good. Went back to the shopping area and things were out that were on sale.....okay now we're talking bought some D&G perfume for $29. Went back to my cabin and packed up Southern Most Point: there will be a line to get a pic in front of this buoy we drove by around 9:15 and there was a line Me all dolled up thanks to Snap Chat Shipwreck Museum/Mallory Square..........Sails & Rails Museum had better reviews Beautiful azure water in KW Key West used to be the hub of the turtle cannery back in the day......so sad The last morning I had breakfast at the buffet went back to my cabin, and did the self walk off. Walked right off and over to my car. Had a great time, had no problems with the ship. The servers in the MDR remember your name and so did the my cabin steward all were great. Now it's back to reality and work until next time......Ciao Ciao
  12. Day 3: CoCo Cay with my $100 OBC I booked the snorkeling tour off CoCo Cay, this went out in a poontoon type of boat, we went a little ways from CoCo. Got to the first spot and jumped in, this time two guides were with us in the water. The first thing I see are jelly fish, kept trying to dodge them. Then the guides took us around this large rock and the current and waves were different so the jellies weren't over there. The guides were diving down and bringing up star fish, conch shells, and talking it seemed like most of the folks weren't snorkeling they were just floating there listening. I was snorkeling and it was pretty good, the reef looked a little better here. After about 40 minutes or so we all got back on the boat and went to a sand bar they gave us floating chairs and everyone floated around, the water was very shallow you could up and walk if you wanted to this was a lot of fun there was also free rum punch. After about 40 minutes they took us back to CoCo Cay I found the Chill Grill and had a delicious lunch, char grilled burger, Cesar salad, french fries, ice cream. There was a ton of food here. I had my own snorkeling equipment, I checked out a life vest(free) and snorkeled again off the Chill Island they have a sunken plane out there but have decided it's too far out so it's off limits. There are floating decks out there but they were pretty far away, I stayed right by the beach near the rocks and there were a lot of color fish to see it was pretty good. Finished that, then went to find the pool and see if I could find my friend. They have a swim up bar which was packed and the music was blaring. Jumped in the fresh water then found Skipper's Grill that was less crowded than Chill Grill, found a delicious brownie and added the soft serve ice cream. Went over the mini straw market they prefer cash or credit card but most will take your ship card but not after 3pm. It was just after 3pm so I didn't get to buy anything. At this point I'm feeling sun burned and tired so I went back to the ship. Took a shower and nap. Tonight in the MDR I had white bean soup very good, Bacaloa fritters not so good, Red Snapper it was ok, I like more seasoning maybe even blackened but they don't/won't do that, desert was Tres Leches I've never had this and it's delicious! Tonight was Boogie Wonderland but I missed it. I went to deck 5 with all the shopping and got an ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Entrance to CoCo Cay Beach Beds Majesty of the Seas and beautiful water in the Bahamas Hot Air Balloon
  13. Just got back from an excellent trip on the Majesty of the Seas. I live about an hour north of Tampa so I drove over to Palm Beach two days before to go see the Flagler Museum which was very cool. It was Sunday and Worth Ave. was all shut down but it was nice there were no cars/no traffic. I mainly wanted to see the cute little Italian style squares they have there. Got some great pictures then wrapped it up it was soooo hot Day one: Arrived at Port Everglades around 12:30 there was a line to check in but not bad. I was originally booked in cabin 6030 category 3N(ocean view no obstruction) RCL called me a week before the cruise and asked me to change cabins, since I was going solo and my cabin was a “quad” and could hold four people they wanted me to switch. I said I would and choose cabin 9006 category 2M(much bigger) with an obstructed view, I asked her what else can you do for me since I'm giving up my view she said we can give you a $100 OBC. My cabin was very spacious 157 sq. ft. lots of storage, carpet in the cabin and the hallway was old and not very pretty but the carpet in the other areas of the ship was new and pretty. My window was large and there was a life boat under my window but I could see the ocean. No problems with the toilet, shower had good pressure, bed was very firm, requested soft pillows and Cheryl my steward brought them. Had lunch that day at the busy buffet, had beef tips, mashed potatoes and a salad all very good. I normally walk around and get a feel for the ship where things are etc. I had the early dining time, made friends with some ladies on Facebook and we made arrangements to be seated together. Went to dinner in the MDR had escargot(so so) french onion soup(very good) short ribs(full of fat) vegetables(so so) chocolate cake(so so) ice cream(very good) **Atrium** **Schooner Bar** Day 2- Nassau Decided to go with Stuart's Cove snorkeling they picked me up right outside the terminal and were on time. Their office is 45 mins. away on the other side of the island, we stopped at several resorts and picked up more people. Got to their location it was raining but no thunder and went out to the first stop. I'm a snorkel snob, I've snorkeled in Maui twice and now I'm spoiled. Unfortunately the reef is dead around Nassau or where they took us which was Elvis Reef and Hollywood Reef, the first stop Elvis reef is very dead, the second stop was Hollywood Reef which was better but still struggling. There were a lot of fish though. Third stop was snorkeling with the sharks, the waves were very big they had us hold onto to a rope tied to the boat with both hands and told us not to kick our fins, hold still. They had a bucket in the water to attract the sharks and there were several down there swimming around. Very cool. Got back to their office they have a gift shop and snack shop. We had to wait for the buses and I just happened to get on the last bus at 1:15. Was going to walk around Nassau for a little while but it was lightly raining so I just went back to the ship and has lunch at the buffet. I think I had a delicious hot dog with chili, french fries(so so), cookie. In the MDR this night I had Lobster Bisque just ok, shrimp cocktail very good, seafood linguine very good, carrot cake cake also very good. **Sharks**
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