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  1. Looking at my paperwork it says dock at both Costa Maya and Cozumel. It looked like the larger ships got to use the docks, I think I counted five large ships docked, NCL Sun and a Carnival were anchored.
  2. Forgot to mention the casino is steps from the atrium so the smoke billows into the atrium, guest services, excursion desk area, basically the whole area. It was awful. We docked in Costa Maya and anchored in Cozumel with tenders going back and forth. Some folks were complaining about the tenders being to hot and uncomfortable, I sat both times in the lower section that is enclosed with AC and cushioned seats. I was very comfortable. I did a ship excursion in Cozumel so didn't have to stand in line for a tender ticket. Coming back the tender wasn't full because I came back around 2-3pm we wait
  3. This is the Malecon/pedestrian walk way once you are over by all the beach clubs in Costa Maya, I didn't know what to expect from Costa Maya but once you get to this area it's very nice. The hawkers were out in force in the morning by 4pm they were all gone or just tired out. There was no sea weed problem last week.
  4. For lunch in the MDR I ordered calamari, tuna salad sandwich and peanut butter cheesecake. The calamari was cold, the tuna salad sandwich was delish, the peanut butter cheesecake was ok. That night I ordered stilton cheese soup delish, scallops awful, entree breaded flounder ok, apple cobbler good, chocolate lava cake ok. The buffet on this ship is the smallest I've seen but they have more options in the morning and afternoon Moderno is open so you can get a fresh made omelette in there and waffles. They also have the great outdoors with a buffet there, they all open at different times. There
  5. Hello Fellow Cruisers, just got back from my 5 day Western Caribbean on the NCL Sun. I've lots of pictures to download but wanted to give you some information while it's fresh in my head. I booked a balcony #9031, loved the cabin it was large with a king size bed, sofa and lots of storage. The closet was very big with built in shelves on one side. There was also a mini frig and small coffee/tea maker. My room stewardess Adeline was great and very nice. The ship was clean and pretty, the carpet in the atrium and hallways is a pretty blue color and clean, there are two pools and four hot tubs
  6. I bought a cute little battery powered fan at Walmart, it's really to hook onto a stroller. But I clamp it to my coffee table for my hot flashes. It's small enough to fit into a suit case.
  7. I did a GTY balcony on my upcoming cruise and got a BA deck 9.
  8. I also have $50 shore excursion credit, I think you have to call and reserve the excursion then they will apply the credit to your account. Shore excursion number 866-625-1167
  9. Hello fellow cruisers, I'll be in Cozumel Feb. 5th 2020 on the NCL Sun docking at Punta Langosta. I'm doing a ship excursion since I have a $50 credit. Snorkeling at 8:30am for 3.5 hours. Would like to have some authentic mexican food for lunch thinking something like tamales, rice, beans, sopapillas! I used to work at Mexican restaurants back in Oklahoma. Anyway do you know of anything near the pier or would I need to go inland? Will I have time to go inland? Need to be back on board at 4pm my snorkeling excursion should be over by 12-12:30 Thank you, Tracie
  10. I also use Alba, I pick it up at Marshall's or Ross
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