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  1. Just off the Magic 2 weeks ago and used the HUB for the second time. First time was on the Sunshine in Feb of 2016. Works much better and has great features which we used often throughout the day and evening. Yes, you have to carry your phone rather than a piece of paper but who isn't used to carrying their phone wherever they go? Download the free app BEFORE you get on the cruise because you may not get it after boarding. Each person who wants to text has to pay the $5 pp fee but it's definitely worth it, especially when travelling in a group! "Up on the Lido near the pool - port side" or "headed down to breakfast" "meet me in the Showtime Theater 3rd row from the front" etc.



    I will be traveling with others but need to wait to see if they get it. If so I will because I think it can be useful. We've tried wallow talkies, post-it notes but have to say a good texting situation would be the best



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  2. It is free unless you want to be able to text people on the cruise. That is a one time change of $5pp. If you want to communicate with people not cruising the packages start at $5/day.


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    Thank you. I leave tomorrow and if my friends get it (to text on ship) I will. Thx



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  3. I have a question for anyone who has used the app. What is the cost? I see places where people said it cost 5 dollars. Others talk about the package they purchased. Is it 5 dollars plus the package? Or 5 dollars per day? Or a 1 times fee of 5 dollars?





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  4. Very odd! If I use Firefox to download pdf's (e.g. edocs and bag tags) it is slower than Chrome but it does eventually finish. I don't know what your problem is. :(




    And to make it more puzzling, is our luggage tags easily printed out on the first try. When we called the HAL number for trouble shooting, she told us to update Adobe. We tried but still had no luck. I was just glad to finally have them printed when we went to staples. I just don't like putting in personal info in a public computer.



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  5. Hi everyone, we tried Firefox and it still didn't help. We tried from our iPhone and Samsung with no luck.


    The problem can be described as clinking on the "print boarding pass" and it attempts to load but never finished.


    We printed it out yesterday at staples. That way, we don't have to worry or continue problem solving.


    Thanks for all the suggestions. They are much appreciated, especially if we try to sail with HAL again.



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  6. One thing just occurred to me on the boarding pass issue. Print windows sometimes kick your pop-up blocker into play. I'd check that situation.



    I'll try tomorrow and see if it makes a difference, however, I tried on 3 different computers [emoji78]. I'll also try on chrome.


    Thanks for the advice.



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  7. You may have to wait..




    They normally board disabled Psgrs first & then they board suite Psgrs & then they start boarding by either area /number/letter or color..




    We usually are in the first group after all Disabled & Suite Psgrs, have boarded only because we are 4 star Mariners.. Since we will be with one star Psgrs, we may wait for our Friends or go on up to the Lido to get our lunch..




    When you check in they normally give you a color code or letter or number or area for boarding.. They will call out those colors/numbers/letters or areas so everyone will not try to board at once..



    We booked a suite so hopefully that will get us in before the herd.


    I see people talking about Mariners with different levels. Is it similar to carnivals platinum, etc?



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  8. We leave on Sunday for Alaska. My documents are completed for our cruise, but we tried to print them out for three days now on 3 different computers. Still cannot. It tries to load then shuts off.


    Anyone else having problems? I called Hal and they said have them print it when I get to the pier. I hate not being able to see / read the documents.



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  9. Thanks for all the responses! It really helped. I know how early my husband and I like to arrive with Carnival. It appears we can arrive at the same time with Hal. Having said that, we have my dad with us. As excited as I am for the cruise, I know I may have some bumps. My husband likes to be first, and my dad likes to hang back. [emoji30] it will be interesting.


    We believe once we r on the ship, vacation starts [emoji108]so we try to take advantage and get on early. Just like headhunterke, erewhon, daveokc, fatcat, and geoherb.



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  10. (


    Welllll............one this particular cruise which was our 24th, we (giving my wife equal credit) made ONE little error in packing.

    When we got to Rome after our flight, I wanted to change my pants................THEN we discovered that the only other pants that had been packed for me was my suit pants...........you can imagine the effort to look through all of our bags again.......but no, none, nada.

    What I had on was what I had for the trip!!! Not quite as bad as losing a passport but still not a great finding at the start of your trip. In Naples several days later, I asked the owner of the restaurant we were eating at where I could buy some pants and he took me next door where I got a great "family" discount. Italian wool pants for 20E vs. 40 on tag..........but no tailoring to shorten the pant legs which were about 12 inches too long!!!!.

    Wife is a good seamstress and fortunately we had those little mending kits for travel that had just enough..... and she stressed that last word several times.....dark thread for both legs.


    There's a few more bits to the continuing pants story but I save those additional details for dinner stories on slow sea days....and the experience never fails to get many chuckles.


    So you see I did a lot to reduce laundry load as I only had 1 pair of pants to cycle into the bags which on further recollection may have totaled 4 bags rather than 3 I stated.......


    PS: rolling your clothes helps get EVEN MORE stuff into that bag than you would imagine. I also wonder if HAL laundry separates clothes by color as you do...............some posts I have read indicate that they got back interesting pink(ish) underwear that started out white.



    I bring color catchers to use so we don't have to separate darks / lights unless really new clothes.



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  11. With the jeep, ride out to Dyea. Do your homework, and find out about the area history. Simple via a google search.




    On the Klondike Highway- refer to Murray's guide and stop where YOU want to.



    Thanks. I wasn't sure there was enough time to do both Dyea and the you know hwy so thx. I'll look up Dyea now.


    Do u think 3 adults would enjoy the Klondike gold fields? I see most people excellent reviews usually have kids with them



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  12. I drove to Emerald Lake solo, and felt I was able to enjoy the scenery and there were plenty of turn outs, and little traffic. Definitely use Murray's Guide.


    I've driven to Mendenhall Glacier several times and ha e never had a problem with finding a place to park.



    Thx for the info!



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  13. Flat lander, budget Queen, and miss Denise, thanks for affirming my thoughts on an easy drive. I purchased Murray's guide last year but we cancelled that trip and booked for this year. I don't have any clue where it's at. I believe I'll get it again, but read it from my mini-pad which we will take with us.



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  14. I drove to Emerald Lake solo, and felt I was able to enjoy the scenery and there were plenty of turn outs, and little traffic. Definitely use Murray's Guide.


    I've driven to Mendenhall Glacier several times and ha e never had a problem with finding a place to park.



    Thx for ur response about the parking. I may just go ahead and book that car rental



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