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  1. Thanks! Yes, we made it home with no issues - hope you guys did too! It was lovely meeting you! 🙂
  2. Wow this is crazy! I hope everyone is all right. I was just off the Escape on Sunday! I have friends on the Anthem, but haven't seen them post anything yet.
  3. If you get their cruise package, then going on land is no additional charge to the $50 or $100 one time cruise package fee. This is separate than the $10/day package. 🙂
  4. Thank you for the explanation, super helpful! We have 3 days at sea total, 1 day in Florida (so won't need anything then), 1 day in Nassau, 1 day in GSC. The Escape is covered, I checked the list of ships. And, judging by AT&T's description, I can use the service on land at no additional charge..."select Caribbean islands" so I would have to call and find out if the Bahamas is included. (edit: Just found the list of Caribbean islands, the Bahamas IS included although not sure about GSC and whether they would turn off cellular for the private island).
  5. I was just looking into this! Can someone explain how it works? For example, to make a call while on the ship, is that wifi calling or am I actually connected to a cellular signal? If cellular, how do I make sure I am not using data? And does the cruise line charge anything for this in addition to AT&T? Sailing on the Escape in February and leaving our 15 month old at home with the grandparents. I would like unlimited texting at the very least!
  6. NCL is taking steps to not destroy the oceans we all love sailing on. There is so much plastic waste in the ocean, and many sea creatures die because of it. I was just in Disney and they now use paper straws, and those worked just fine. You can also buy reusable straws on Amazon.
  7. Thank you! We typically use Avis, but they don't say whether they do after hours drop off, and the rental center is farther away from the port than National (which looks to be right there) and does after hours. My husband will call Avis to find out about after hours dropoff (unless you know? 🙂) I just need to decide if it's worth the possible hassle, or if we should just take the darn NCL transfer. Hmmmmm.
  8. Hi all, we'll be on the Norwegian Escape and docking in Port Canaveral from 1 pm - 9 pm. DH and I want to go to Disney Springs. NCL has a transfer for $35pp and it says you're there for approximately 3.5 hours (plus 1 hour each way is 5.5 hours total). I read one review on NCL that the bus drops off folks at the parks first and then goes to Disney Springs, which cuts back on the time spent there. If we rent a car, we'd probably get a couple more hours out of the day there, and the cost wouldn't be much more than taking the NCL transfer. But wondering if that's worth the hassle of getting an Uber/shuttle to the rental car place and back to the ship after? Has anyone done this? Advice? Suggestions? Thank you 🙂
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