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  1. Was the main dining room open on the first night? I’ve heard some say it is and some say it isn’t. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Has anyone booked a french door interior on the PRIDE? My last cruise on the PRIDE we did an extended balcony and never went out side. I have done a regular interior before and enjoy the darkness but would also like to see outside of our cabin?
  3. nremtb90

    Hap-py, Hap-py, Hap-py

    We are 4 days away :) have a great cruise Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  4. nremtb90

    Carnival Pride - Ask away!

    We will be on the pride in oct doing the same itinerary. So excited!! Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  5. nremtb90

    Surprise or not

    My daughter knows exactly how many days until we leave. She has helped pick excursions (her input at least). She will turn 13 on the cruise. 21 days :) Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  6. nremtb90

    So Far away!!!!

    26 days :p Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  7. nremtb90

    Any recent Pride 9b cruisers?

    We are on the same cruise :) can't wait Baltimore here we come Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  8. nremtb90

    Take children out of school or not?

    My daughters school thanked us for the heads up that she would be absent. Her school district has a strict policy on attendance, 8 days for the entire year. They do not count family vacations as long as they are approved/notified in advanced. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  9. nremtb90

    Kids roaming alone?

    Simply because if charges. There is no one she needs to keep in contact with except us. We have decided to leave notes and meeting in person at designated times. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  10. nremtb90

    Kids roaming alone?

    Absolutely :) I found it on one of the threads on here. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  11. nremtb90

    Kids roaming alone?

    I -----------------, agree to the following rules and Mom and dad can add rules as they see fit. KIDS CRUISE CONTRACT This needs to be an exciting and educational trip for all. We want you to have fun, and at the same time be safe, and courteous to others on the ship. We want to bring you home in the same happy health condition in which you board the ship. We have set up a few rules that must be followed. Any bending of these rules, or stretching the interpretation of these rules will result in the remainder of the cruise spent with none other than your loving mother and dad. Final say will always be your mother and Ryan. 1)The meeting the first night in the teen club is required. Most teens from what I have been reading do not hang out there but chose that as a meeting point. The first meeting is required as that is when the parents sign informational papers for each child for you to participate. It is also when and where the introductions take place of fellow teen cruisers and the staff inside the teen club. This information must be filled out if you happen to decide to take part in any of the teen activities organized by the cruise ship. 2)Under no circumstances are you to go to anybody’s cabin nor is anybody allowed to come to ours. 3)You will not go through any of the cabin areas/hallways. There is absolutely no reason for you to be in any of these locations except to return to your own cabin. 4)You will not be playing around on the elevators. For example: pushing the buttons to every floor. 5)You do not accept a drink of any kind from anybody other than mom, dad, or anyone in our group or one that you have ordered and is brought to you by cruise ship staff. Nor will you leave your drink unattended. If it is left unattended you are required to order another one. There are sick people out there...... 6)You will be required to check in at a specific time set by mom and/or dad and different intervals throughout the day. You will also tell us where you are going, what you will be doing and who you will be with. This is so if plans change for us we can find you to tell you. 7)If you are in our cabin alone, you will be required to have the do not disturb sign posted. Not even crew members (room steward) are to be in there when you are by yourself. 8)You will be required to join us for all evening meals in the dining room. We have the early seating so you will be required to be back to the cabin and ready to go at the assigned time. Make sure you allow enough time to get ready. 9)If you decide to swim, you will be courteous to the adults in the pool. No splashing or “cannon balls” to be cute. Be courteous of adults swimming laps for exercise. Stay out of their way. 10)You will not be obnoxious whether we are with you or you are without us. We expect you to be well mannered using please, thank you, and excuse me at all times. Hold the doors for adults that are passing through at the same time as you, allow people to get off of the elevator before you step on. Just because somebody is rude does not give you the right to be rude. 11)Absolutely no running on the ship! 12)No butting in line at the buffet. And do not take more than you can eat. If you are still hungry you can go back for more. There is plenty of food. I’m sure they plan for people with bigger appetites than yours. 13)Absolutely no cell phone!!!I will have mine. 14) No excessive amount of sugar and junk food. (You know what is exceptable and what isnt) Signed, Mom____________________________ Signed, dad___________________________ Signed, kid_________________________
  12. nremtb90

    Kids roaming alone?

    We set rules for my 12 year old and made her sign a "cruise contract". I'll try to attach a copy of it. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  13. nremtb90

    All Things PRIDE!!

    [quote name='chunkymonkey2']My DH and I will be on the pride in October, we will be coming up two days early to enjoy sights in Baltimore. would love to hear from anyone that has stayed at the Best Western on O'Donnell St. Good or bad. Should we book some where else?? And to anyone who has stayed in room 4228, where was your muster station, inside or out? would like to have jacket if outside, it might be cold in October.[/QUOTE] We stayed there last year while visiting the Inner Harbor. Loved it. Staff was great, clean rooms. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  14. nremtb90


    I take at lease 2 showers a day. And I use washcloths. I hate the shower poufs. They are filled with germs and dirt from your last shower. So let him use as many washcloths as he likes. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  15. nremtb90

    1st Time in Freeport! What to do?

    [url]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1867464[/url] Found this. Hope it helps Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app