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  1. While the NHS and related health care, care home professionals are doing an amazing jobs in these unprecedented times ❤️ I wanted to to help other folks that are continuing to provided essential services for us all, as Supermarket workers are the only ones I am actually in contact with and they are undervalued. May I suggested of us that can get out shopping buy something for whoever is on your checkout. A box of chocolates maybe or some flowers I have been doing this for the past two weeks and it feels like it is much appreciated 🙂 . Next plan is a wee gift for the security outside the supermarket. Anyone any ideas what to get folks apart from Choc’s and flowers Hope everyone thinks this is a good idea and I feel part of the P and O cruise critic community even though I have not had the chance to go on a P and O cruise yet 🙂
  2. Ok my fond memories of my youth are 1) My Granda knocking through his house wall to connect the outside Lav 2) The smell of tripe boiling on the stove - Ooh whoops that was not fond 😆 3) Being booted out the house in the morning and told not to come back until tea time and loving it. My can you imagine that now!! Well not Now Now but normal Now. 4) Cycling Down the coast on my granda’s bike that was about two sizes to big for me. 5) Fish And chips from the Chippy most Fridays 6) Spacehoppers 7) Clackers 8 Pogo Sticks - was never allowed one 😥 😀😀
  3. I know what you mean Avril I used to work in my Dads shop when I was much younger 😀 And I cant remember people being so aggressive then. After 30 years it’s a bit of a shock to the system to see how folks attitude have changed 🙂
  4. Fabulous going to read this tonight 😀👍🏻
  5. Aye very true Brian. Are cre things getting any better where you are? Stay Safe Jackie
  6. Thanks 😀 Avril you have had a terrible time recently and still been keeping everyone’s spirts up on these boards
  7. Thanks Avril, Sorry was just a bit down last night, I know a lot of folks have got it far worse than I have just now. It’s not my regular I have been seconded to help out but I am working in my works Customer Service center taking customer calls. Jackie
  8. Aww Thanks everyone Right cheered me up this thread 😀 Been thinking about having to go to work tomorrow and being abused for another week but this is great 😀
  9. What a lovely thing to do, I am planning to do much the same myself at the weekend Its a big challenge working in any customer service job at the moment some people are understanding but others are just so so selfish being called “a baby killer” was a low point ☹️ Be mindful folks 😀
  10. And NO not Cruise Line related in any way Just a general plea 😀
  11. Yep all our Senior Staff are on it Big time My boss has been outstanding 😀
  12. Hi all 😀 No,I don’t work in our call centre on normal duties but all that can have been seconded to this We made a pretty controversial decision based on UK guidelines so our phone lines have been ringing all day To be fair all my bosses are virtual in tears every night BUT we have set up a fantastic group chat to support everyone Stay Safe Everyone And be NICE😌
  13. Thanks we are all upset and worried about our cruises but be NICE folks
  14. Yes clo that is what I have done as well Unfortunately the Customer Service line I am helping manning ( not my normal job ) Is just mental. I was called a baby killer today 😥😥😥 as we are on reduced services
  15. Please can I ask ALL our members to be respectful of all the Customer Services lines you are calling. I have literally spent the last two days be shouted at, sworn at and generally abused. No I don’t work for any cruise line But PLEASE PLEASE remember call centre staff are human as well. I understand it is super frustrating for everyone who as a cruise coming up (as did I) But please treat people with respect the person on the other end of the line is human to and just as concerned as you are
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