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    cycling, swimming, eating out. :)
  1. pinkpanther52

    MSC - Seaside. Very Poor Design for a “new” ship

    Errr because it’s a SWIMMING Pool 🤔🙂
  2. pinkpanther52

    Roaring 20's night on QM2?

    Mine are shown when you click on “Full Itinerary”
  3. pinkpanther52

    Roaring 20's night on QM2?

    I am on Fjords cruise in May 2019 and it now list the “Theme” for the Balls on my Voyage Planner. The two are The Black And White Ball and Masquerade Ball. I hope they are correct as I am just about to start making my black and white evening gown!!!
  4. pinkpanther52

    New and "Improved" CC

    I have to admit I have desperately tried to like the new format but I just really really don’t. Sorry Cruise Critic folks 😢
  5. pinkpanther52

    Nautica Greenock

    Thanks for the updates from someone on board. Yes all the bridges were closed to highside vehicles. Wind gust were reported at 102 miles per hour 😱 Must say we have some wild weather but this is exceptional. Weather warning now in place till 23:00 hours tonight. Hope all you and yours are safe. And you can enjoy rthe rest of you trip.
  6. pinkpanther52

    Nautica Greenock

    It was pretty bad in Edinburgh earlier. Main streets in centre of town closed. We had a Hugh tree in our work car park come down and just miss the main Edinburgh to London train line. Have friends stuck in Glasgow as all trains are cancelled but as long as everyone is safe.
  7. pinkpanther52

    Nautica Greenock

    The nautica has broken its moorings in Greenock due to Storm Ali However everyone is reported safe and those ashore are being looked after by the shore team and sheltering in a church hall till the storm dies down this evening. Stay safe everyone
  8. pinkpanther52

    World Cup

    Well twisted anyway :D:D
  9. pinkpanther52

    World Cup

    No it’s Not ;)
  10. pinkpanther52

    Parking port of tyne

    Having park at Port of Tyne a couple of years ago this what I remember doing apart from the bus maybe that depends on how near you are to the terminal. Anyway all being well I will be parking there on Sunday for a weeks cruise on the Discovery. I will update when I get back
  11. But Far Far safer than the USA and its hardly in areas tourists would go to. I think thngs need to be kept inproportion
  12. pinkpanther52

    Bergen Questions Answered 2018

    Thanks Ships in Bergen they all sound great. 🙂
  13. pinkpanther52

    Bergen Questions Answered 2018

    Hi Ships in Bergen :) Can’t wait to visit your city again. :) I am visiting in June this year and unless it is spectacular warm (it was the last time I visited ;)) I plan to go to the Kode art galleries. I plan to be in town all day and having visited the Fish market etc etc before I wondered if a) You had any other suggestions on what to visit for a repeat visitor and b) any suggestions for a nice lunch round the area of Kode or the centre of town that might be a locals “secret”. Thanks Jackie
  14. Oh wow that looks like a great option. I have never heard of them. Thanks for posting DT PB. Could be an excellent option for my Cruise from Southampton next year. It looks cheaper than actually flying with them.
  15. pinkpanther52

    Status of Russia port of call

    :'):p:loudcry: Had to clean my screen