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  1. Hmmmm ... I am hoping you mean October 2021 ... in which case maybe they are close to releasing this sailing to the public?? Thanks for the info.
  2. Hi all. Thanks for all the replies. Lots to think about. Sounds like trying to switch to 'freedom' is the way to go. Thanks again.
  3. Hi guys. My previous cruise experience is limited to Royal Caribbean. I know how things work with them and have zero clue about all things P&O. Today's question (I'm anticipating that there will be more) is centered around dining. We're all signed up for traditional dining or club dining I think P&O call it. How would I go about requesting a table for 2 in the main dining room. Any tips?? Is this like winning the lottery? Is the best option for getting a table for 2 switching to flexible dining and just waiting for a table to become available? Thanks in advance for any advice you can fire my way. We will be sailing on 'Britannia' if that helps. Any other advice about anything is greatly received.
  4. Hi. Yeah I understand that ... and yes it is great getting releases earlier ... but I would be happy to wait a bit longer and have everything released in one go ... can then plan with all the info.
  5. Tired of the drip drip cruise announcements. Still no word on Indy or Explorer? Still no Westbound TA on Odyssey? Why don't they just release everything in one go?
  6. Hi guys ... so I'm seeing a TA on Odyssey leaving PE on 17 April 2021. Where is she expected to go after her season in Europe ... can I expect a TA back to PE later in 2021? Thanks.
  7. Not sure if its been mentioned already ... Adventure of the Seas 18 night TA ... Galveston to Copenhagen is now showing ... Departs 21 April 21
  8. You guys just beat me to it ... it up on the UK site now but doesn't seem fully loaded.
  9. Sorry if its already been posted ... The Harmony of the Seas TA is up on the UK site ... 12 nights departing PC on 04/11/21 ... one stop in Malaga only ... arrives Barcelona on 16/04/21. Not sure if its fully loaded yet as lots of stateroom types are missing (boardwalk balcony for example) and prices do not seem right ... lead balcony prices shows as £793pp but when you click to book it rockets to £1334.00pp Seems like another boring TA itinerary.
  10. Soooo does this mean there will be a TA on adventure from Texas to Stockholm? Don't spose you or the other TA experts can predict some sort of itinerary for that? Thanks,
  11. There are a couple of eastbound TAs now showing on the UK site. In addition to the Anthem sailings listed earlier ... Vision of the Seas Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona 19 April 2021 Rhapsody of the Seas Tampa to Rome 10 April 2021
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