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  1. I'd ban the jerk who thinks he can book an inside cabin and still be entitled to eat in the Haven because he has a little vlog with 6,000 followers.
  2. There are 4 of us - me, hubs, and 2 teens. We got the family suite so the teens wouldn't have to share a bed. I love having a balcony to just watch the sea go by at night. It relaxes me.
  3. How was the family suite with balcony on the Dawn? We'll be in one in December. Also, I've gotten 2 emails about bidding for an upgrade but it looks like the higher suite categories are sold out. Does that make any sense?
  4. Sorry, all I saw posted about was the casino. I hope you'll come back and give us an update. We have 2 more months until our cruise.
  5. UPDATE - Someone just posted on FB that they boarded the Dawn today and the casino looks great. I guess whatever it was just looked worse in the video and they were able to get it all fixed pretty quickly.
  6. How does the 'a la carte' thing work with the specialty dining package? I was looking to book for our cruise in December (I know I'm not planning way ahead like some of you) and the only 2 restaurants that aren't 'a la carte' are Teppanyaki and Moderno. So what do we do with the other dinner?
  7. I saw the video on FB. Water was pouring into the casino from the ceiling and there was standing water on the floor. The person said they were in the casino (other side) when they heard a 'crash' and water started pouring in. They seemed to think it was pipe that burst between the duty free shop above the casino and the casino ceiling. I have not seen an update but I'm sure they will get it fixed ASAP. They don't want to lose casino revenue.
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