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  1. The reality is, the fact that they don't really police the chair hogs is what encourages chair hogs. It goes against every bone in my body but, on our last cruise, we did the same thing. My parents are elderly and we needed 5 chairs. I really needed to be sure I was close to my parents. Because others 'reserved' chairs, I felt I had to! Actually, by one of the last days of the cruise, I think I was up and out early enough to be one of the first! IF the staff would go and remove items holding chairs, I wouldn't need to worry! There would most always be enough chairs for us. The truth is, I bet almost everyone reserving chairs is only doing it because they feel that they HAVE TO because if they don't, someone else will!
  2. Thanks for your help! We are just looking for something that is easy and worry free. My mom won't be able to walk far so we'll be bringing a portable wheelchair. I was thinking that a resort would assure she is comfortable, under an umbrella, etc... 70 isn't perfect beach weather, but we would like to at least see the world famous pink sand!
  3. Hi. I'm wondering if someone might have a suggestion for a tour/beach day for eight people. My mom has COPD and will probably have a transport wheelchair. Alternatively, if someone knows of a beach resort that sells day passes. I tried resort for a day but the only one they show is Elbow Beach Resort and that's shown as sold out since April of this year. Our cruise is April 2019. Maybe they just don't open up slots so early? Any way... any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm thinking you meant 10% of the cost of the trip? If $200 is less than 1%, your trip would have to cost $20,000...
  5. Hi. We will be taking our first NCL cruise next April. My travel agent confirmed that the mandatory service charge is the same as the automatic gratuity on Carnival. I don't know about the difference in price (if any), but it covers the tips. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I haven't sailed NCL yet (We're sailing next April), but on Carnival it's hard to get chips. Maybe a small tube of pringles! They do sell them on the ship but they are expensive. I also liked the idea of pain med, and other medicine. If you can find them cheap, small suntan lotion and/or bug spray. You could also do a deck of cards or crossword puzzle books. My final idea might be a bit too pricey, but for about $7.50 each you can get a universal waterproof case for smart phones. You may be able to find them cheaper in bulk. If you have any games or anything planned, you could just buy one or two and use them as prizes. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Actually, Facebook covered that by covering this in their user agreement... if you want your pictures covered by copyright, don't post them publicly on Facebook... According to Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, any image posted with the Public setting carries the implicit acknowledgment that said photo is available for access and use by anyone -- including entities not on Facebook. While permission for use is considered polite, it is not a prerequisite.
  8. Something else you may want to consider... it is a long way up the gangway and sometimes even a long way through the port. If you call the special needs department, they can arrange for a wheelchair assist getting on and off the ship. We just had to do that with my mom and it worked out great. They brought her right to her room. Also, you can rent a manual wheelchair through a couple of companies. It was $75 for our 6 night cruise. That was the BEST thing we did. The intent was for her to just use it in the ports and 'if she needs' it on the ship. Well, we had her use it throughout the entire cruise and it made it so much better. Her problem is her breathing (she's on oxygen). We all agreed (especially my mom) that it would have been a disaster without the chair. The ships are big and walking down long corridors is difficult. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  9. We were on the Vista the week of 4/15. There were tons of lines of people waiting for pictures every night. As a matter of fact, we didn't bother getting pictures on Elegant Night because we didn't want to wait in line. There were people using their turn as a personal photo shoot. There would be a group of 6 or 8 people and it would take 30 minutes while they took individual, couple, group, etc... pictures. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame anyone... they bought the package and wanted to take advantage of the benefits! It just made for a real bottleneck in the lobby and discouraged those of us that normally just buy one each cruise from bothering.
  10. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great cruise! I suggest you give Carnival's "Guest Access Team" a call. Their number is 1-800-438-6744 ext.70025. For our cruise earlier this month, I called them to discus my mom's needs and they were great. She uses an oxygen concentrator and we were renting a wheelchair. They had all the specifications and went through everything with me. You'll want to go through them anyway to get assistance with embarkation/debarkation. I think they may be of help!
  11. I absolutely agree! With the news showing all of these horrific acts on television 24/7, it's a wonder any of us can sleep at night! I've watched videos of schools performing 'active shooter drills' and the drills alone are terrifying. I only pointed out statistics because they can be helpful in alleviating some of those fears or at least allowing us to take the opportunites. The truth is, there are a ton of activities that we don't think twice about that are more of a risk to us than either going to school OR traveling out of the Country. Let's start with driving to work/school. I bet most of us know of someone that was killed or seriously injured in a car accident! Happy cruising and stay safe in your school! Thanks for your dedication to the kids!:):)
  12. While the recent school shootings are very scary, statistically, there is NO comparison between the risk of being a victim of a violent crime at school or overseas. There are 50 million students in the USA. The VAST majority of them will go to a school that will never experience any such life threatening violent crime. Most won't even know or have any contact with someone that has personally gone through such a tragedy. Although, still very uncommon, American's are victims of violent crimes, and targets of terrorism overseas much more often, even though there are only about 11 million American's that even travel overseas. Bottom line, it's not likely that either of those activities will harm us, but we should always be aware of our surroundings and watch for any warning signs. If you're the victim, it's of no reassurance that it is rare!
  13. We were on the Sunshine over our anniversary last year and we rec'd the spa gift certificate and a certificate for dinner for two at either JiJis or the Italian specialty restaurant. It was a very nice surprise but we didn't end up using either. We were going to use the dinner certificate but we were traveling with 4 other cabins.
  14. You can make the reservation for everyone in your party. They won't charge you anything until after your meal. At that time, they will as for sign and sail cards to charge the meals. You won't have to pay for everyone.
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