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  1. We stayed in 7072 in May and loved it. At first I thought we would hear the Starlite late at night but that was not a problem. Never heard any noise whatsoever. It was so convenient to the elevator and stairs. I would always request it in the future. Jackie
  2. I just returned yesterday from a 7 day on the Symphony. Spoke with many of the Lido and pool guys. Their contracts are for 9 months and with mutual consent may stay an extra month before going home for 2 to 2 1/2 months. They all seemed very happy with their contracts. I know other contracts are for 4 months on and 2 months off. Jackie
  3. HI Keith, Please delete us from May 28 (6310) San Francisco R/T Hawaii - San Bar (Frank & Jackie) as we have had to cancel this. Thanks Jackie
  4. I did request that. We are also on that cruise. That was disallowed.
  5. Heard back from our TA last week. She spoke directly with Crystal and it is definitely possibe to disembark in LA as long as arrangements are made in advance. Also, there there will be no deduction in price.
  6. Thanks for the info Suite Travels. I will have my TA check again with Crystal about disembarking in LA. When I called direct, they said no, but who knows, maybe I spoke to the wrong person. It will be great if we can. Jackie
  7. We are on the Symphony, Vancouver/LA stopping in Santa Barbara where we live. I contacted Crystal to see if we could disembark in SB and the answer was no. Has nothing to do with Jones Act - has to do with the port. If we do disembark Crystal would be fined $25,000 pp and they would pass it on to us! Also, we are on Mia to SF and I asked about disembarking in LA - answer no. I called Crystal direct. This has taken place the last couple years. Hope I'm wrong! Jackie
  8. I contacted Crystal Guest Services just a month ago wanting to disembar a day early in our home town and was told this is not allowed any longer (at least in the US). I think something to do with the Stanley Act, not Jones Act. If one disembarks and port authorities are aware of it, Crystal is fined $25,000 pp and Crystal will pass it on to the passenger.
  9. Thanks, Keith. I think the problem on my PC is that fonts were to large!
  10. Hi Keith, Just found the answer on my IPad. For some reason I couldn't delete the pop up on my PC, but could on my IPad. Thanks, Jackie
  11. Hi Keith, I have gone into the PCPC and down loaded the Apps. However, I cannot get rid of the pop up. I cannot find the X our box. Any suggestions. Thanks, Jackie
  12. Hi Keith, Would you please add Jackie/Sharon to 5211, May 11, 2015 Vancouver/LA. Thanks
  13. Keith Please add us to 6301 - Miami to San Francisco - Jan 5, 2016 Thanks Frank & Jackie
  14. Roy, do you know if any of the crew that left the ship due to the typhoon were able to make contact with their families? Felt so sorry for them. Enjoying your blog, Jackie
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