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  1. not to hijack, but I am rethinking my hotel choice and one requirement for my husband is that there is a decent place to run. Any suggestions?
  2. Thank you so much for your replies!! So much great information!!! Thank you!!
  3. I have searched, but havent' been able to put it all together....here' s what I'm thinking....with the horrible flight options from Indy, it looks like I'm going to have to book a flight that gets in really late two days before our cruise. So, probably looking to book an airport hotel, so we can just head to bed. We do want to see a little bit of Seattle before we get on the ship. Unfortunately, our touring day will be July 4. What is the wisdom in just staying two nights at the airport hotel, on touring day, take a cab or uber to Pike Place Market? what else can I see within walking distance, easy touring from there? and then cab back to hotel? Never been to Seattle before. And having a horrible time planning this, it is all so expensive! Thanks.
  4. We are on this cruise too! First time on Royal and first time to Alaska! Can't wait!!
  5. I would book deck 11. We were on 12, and not only did we get the hot hot sun, but when it was raining, there was no cover. And it rained for about half of the days we were on the ship.
  6. We enjoy the spa balcony, but only DH goes to the spa. So, we generally don't get one. BUT....I would NOT recommend getting one on 11, there is no cover on the balconies on 11. We had one on 11 a week it rained A LOT! Made for limited use, for sure!
  7. looking at a cruise out of Canaveral, flying into MCO. Is there a preference between renting a car and taking an uber to our hotel in Cocoa Beach? And then, to get to the port, not sure if our hotel has a shuttle, but are ubers available there as well?
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