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  1. I see on the labor day email that the sale is for sailings through March 30, 2020. We are April 12, 2020 so I guess we are still too far out to be worthy of the sale. We have been sitting at $65 for a month at least now. When we first booked the cruise it was $60 for a short time, then went up to $65 and hasn't budged either way since then. Hoping for Black Friday!
  2. Still $65 for my April 2020 sailing. Ugh! Still hoping for a Labor Day sale, our price hasn’t budged in a while. The excursions actually just went up by about 10% the other day.
  3. Interesting, our sailing did not go down. It was $60 with 20% off, then $65 with no discount, it has now been listed at $65 with 20% off for the last couple of weeks. Been looking every day but no price decrease for our sailing today.
  4. Well hopefully we can all be on the lookout and they will all go on sale at the same time and we can snag them at a better-than-ridiculous cost 🙂
  5. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Even for 3 of us, I would guess that would be cheaper than an Uber/Lyft.
  6. Thank you! What is the shuttle that you used, and what was the cost, if you don't mind my asking? We don't sail until April 2020 so flights are still a ways out for us but I know there's a chance that it wil be a cheaper for us to fly into FLL depending on which airline we use. But the whole trip back would be much nicer if we could do it without luggage! Didn't realize how convenient it could be until our last cruise out of San Juan where it wasn't offered. Our flight wasn't until later in the day, but we couldn't sight-see because we had no place to put our bags. Went to the air
  7. What sailing are you? We are on an April 12 sailing on Oasis, ours is also $65.
  8. We took a 30 oz. container of protein powder with us (unopened) on our Freedom cruise out of San Juan last year, no issues. We also took a small blender (magic bullet type). I even called RCCL prior to ask about the blender because I was afraid of it being confiscated, and RCCL had no definitive answer. They said "well it doesn't say anywhere in the rules that it's not allowed, but it's up to the individual port." You said you're not flying so not an issue, but in airports, I have had my carry-on separately screened even with individual packets of protein powder. They test it and
  9. So true! It's annoying because I know that I'm being mentally conditioned - if I see $65/day long enough $55/day is going to look good to me when it's on sale. Even though I know it's happening, I will still be happy when the price drops even though I would've not been happy with $55/day previously 😉
  10. Have you flown in/out of FLL and cruised out of POM before? I have done searching and have found mixed answers on whether you can use Luggage Valet from POM if flying out of FLL. Some say no, some say as long as your flight is after 2pm. Do you know what the current situation is? Thanks!
  11. For our April 2020 Oasis cruise, it originally said $60/day, and that had the 20% off banner. A couple of days later, it said $65/day with no 20% off banner. Most recently, the 20% off banner is still there, but the price is still $65/day. New math. I'm just hoping for a Labor Day sale to get us at least in the 50s!
  12. I thought El Loco Fresh was replacing the Wipe Out CAFE (next to the arcade, Deck 15)? The Wipe Out BAR is/was Deck 16 all the way in the back of the ship. This is what I'm talking about. I know they are putting Ultimate Abyss back there, but Harmony and Symphony have the Abyss and also have the Wipe Out Bar.
  13. Good to know. I'm hoping that's the case, it just seems so strange to take it out when a.) it's already there now and b.) the sister ships have it. I keep thinking... what are they going to do with that huge space if they get rid of it? Board it up with plywood? lol 🙂
  14. Does anyone know if they are getting rid of the Wipe Out Bar on Deck 16 of Oasis during the 2019 update? The reason I ask is that the deck plan on RC's website shows it being there pre-update but not post-update. I can't imagine they would get rid of it since both Harmony and Symphony have it there. We really hope they keep it. This is one of our favorite features on Oasis; so much so that we specifically remarked how much we missed having a bar at the same spot on Freedom during sail away on the first day, as well as any time we left a port of call. Thanks!
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