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  1. 5 minutes ago, oldbluff said:

    Correct. We still get the base number of nights sailed, doubled for a suite. The question is the spending bonus points now that many of us get the Have It All, which increases our cruise fare, vs. getting the beverage package, internet, etc as onboard purchases which feed into the spending bonus Mariner points. 

    We are onboard Konsingdam now for a delightful B2B2B between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I asked about this at Guest Services and was told HIA does not contribute to spending bonus points. However our week ending 12/3 had 7 bonus Mariner points even though our onboard spend was roughly $950. The HIA had to contribute or we would have only gotten 3-4 extra days, depending on a round up.


    Long term, with HIA being part of cruise fare, I do expect it to be excluded. There could be a transition period where it currently adds significantly to the spending bonus. For someone looking to maximize Mariner points, HIA still looks good for now. If the policy changes, it may make sense to go back to purchasing the pieces separately so they all count. 

    Thank you.  This explanation is exactly what I was looking for.  And exactly what my experience was pre COVID.  We earned way more spending points than what we actually spent, including the price tag for our beverage package.  

    Just trying to figure out if I’ll earn 3-5 for anticipated $1000-$1500 spending above the HIA or if I’ll walk away with the full 10 spending points.  Looks like for now, I’ll earn the full 10. 


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  2. I asked a few months ago and received 25 different answers.  

    I am booked on a 10 day cruise in a Vista Suite.  I know I’ll earn 10 cruise credits, plus the 10 bonus suite credits.  We also have HIA which included $200 each for shore excursions, WiFi, Signature Drink Package, and 2 speciality dining.  Our HIA does NOT include crew appreciation.   This package cost us $500 pp for the 10 days.  

    My question remains:  How will my onboard spending cruise credits be calculated with the HIA?  I have heard the following:

    1) Only money spent above and beyond the HIA will count towards spending credits. 
    2) The amount paid towards the HIA will count towards spending credits, as well as any additional spending. 
    3) Crew appreciation is included in spending calculations. 
    4) Crew appreciation is not included in spending calculations.  
    5) The cost of 15 drinks at $11 each day is credit for spending. 
    6) The actual cost of your drinks is credited towards your spending. 

    If you have recently completed a cruise with HIA, and can tell me how many credits you earned vs what your actual bill was at disembarkation, that would be lovely. 

    In 2018, we took a 7 day cruise with an Elite Beverage Package.  Our invoice was around $800 but we earned 7 spending credits which would be $2100 or more in spending.  So the beverage package gave us “credit” towards spending. HAL personnel have given me two different answers regarding the HIA. 

    Please only factual answers based on your experience.  


  3. We are booked in a Vista Suite and received an upgrade offer to a Signature Suite for 10 nights on Rotterdam for $999.  We are going to pass (only booked the Vista vs Verandah as this will get us to the next mariner level with the extra 10 cruise credits) but normally would this be considered a good deal?  

    I saw someone post a few days ago about their offer to go from Verandah to Neptune for $499.  We would have jumped on that. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Tampa Girl said:


    You didn't say where you are flying from, so it is difficult to say how iffy your schedule might be.  But why don't you consider the next time to choose a cruse that allows you to arrive the day before.  Sympathy for your present situation is rather limited.  If you are old enough to travel without your parents, you must utilize some common sense.  .

    Well I booked this cruise a few months ago and my request for time off was originally approved then reversed.  But hey, I’m one of those airline employees who actually shows up to work to make sure everyone else can get to their destinations instead of calling in sick or claiming to be overworked.  

    ALso, not looking for sympathy.  Just explaining that sometimes arriving the morning of isn’t by choice or because of cheapness.  Those of us still working are often covering shifts when our employers are short-staffed.  

    Obviously I’ll be flying from Atlanta on 3rd if someone takes my shift.

    Why the parents comment?  Was that necessary?   In fact, most of your comment was rude.  

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  5. 31 minutes ago, Vic The Parrot said:

    Of course there are many novices out there. But don't forget about those who say "my schedule won't allow the extra time off" and post their concerns about missing the ship (as well as their flight home etc etc ... 🙄🤔)


    I know everyone here has seen those posts. Probably enough of them to fill a few filing cabinets. 🤯😎

    That’s me.  I’m working an overnight shift on Jan 3rd.  Flying from ATL to FLL on the 7:30am for a 3pm Rotterdam departure.  So unless someone covers my shift, I have no choice.  

    Fingers crossed all goes well.  

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  6. I haven’t had the chance to read this entire thread- I keep meaning to. Anyway, now that you are a week from disembarking from such a long journey, do you find yourself anxious to get back home?  No matter how long my trip is or what I’m doing, the last day is always “I just want to go home”.   I was just wondering, on a personal level- nothing to do with what went right or wrong in your cruise, if you feel like you just want it to be over and on your way back home. 

    I hope you had a wonderful trip. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, Balliett said:

    Hi Seaver.  No way you can get in forty miles a week on a ship.  Your best shot is researching running possibilites when you dock.  Running is a great way to see a city.


                                                                           I'm an old/former marathoner who has been there.

    I logged 33 on Veendam in 2018.  All on the treadmill.  4 5s and 1 13 miler- that ship didn’t have a track.


     The following year, I ran 37 on a river cruise (6 10Ks). 

    On Valor, I ran about 20 and biked 140 on a stationary bike.  I swam at the beach but that was in the years before I had a swim distance tracker and just swam by time while training for a triathlon in 2013. 

    Veendam was the toughest- gym was hot, the ship had a low ceiling which weirded me out, and some days were rocky and looking at the horizon made me feel off kilter.  So I had to run looking at my feet.  

  8. Taking a Rotterdam cruise in January.  I have very thick, medium length hair I wash and dry daily.  Can anyone post a photo of the hair dryer?  Or drop a quick review of it?  A good vs bad hair dryer can mean the difference of 30 minutes. 😂

    Currently booked in a Vista Suite if that makes a difference with the room amenities.  


  9. 3 hours ago, Florida_gal_50 said:

    I've spent 500 days on hal ship plus another 100 or so on other lines.  Is this happening on every cruise shop on every line?  I've had it happen on one ship for maybe 1 hour during the night.  I wonder why this hasn't happened on every cruise I've been on.

    Which HAL cruises are you booked on in the near future.  Since you have good luck with plumbing, I’ll sail on your cruises. 😂🔧🪣

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  10. I’m just curious how maintenance or needed repairs during the middle of the night is a big deal?  Haven’t you had plumbing work done on your house that required the water to be turned off for a few hours?  I know I have.  Same with the electric service when we’ve made various upgrades over the years.  

    I get that it’s annoying, but is it really a big deal?  If you have to go, go, close the lid, and flush in the morning when you wake up.  Have a pitcher of water for hand washing and a bottle for drinking.  

    I travel extensively for work and the same thing occasionally happens in hotels. It’s not like they’re saying no water for 24 hours.  

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